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Teaching Urban Doodles

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Urban Doodles Journal1

I recently had the pleasure to teach my Urban Doodles Journal class at the Bella Crafts Connection event in Minneapolis, MN this past weekend. The class went well and I would only change one thing. That change would lengthen the class to 3 hours. I found everyone enjoyed the painting so much that they practised a little too long and we ran out of time and they were not able to finish their journals. When planning a class, it is very important to second guess numerous aspects of that class. Materials, cost, instructions, class numbers, length etc. I think I got everything right except for the length of time. Therefore the next opportunity which is around the corner I will be teaching this exact class but extending the time to 3 hours.

I will be teaching the Urban Doodles Journal class at the Sewing by the Sea retreat held yearly in Ocean City, Maryland. Wish me luck.

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