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Hand Painted Espadrilles with Lorine Mason

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Hand Painted Espadrilles1

Hand Painted Espadrilles by Lorine Mason – Full Day Class

We will start the class by creating the espadrille tops using a style technique Lorine calls, Urban Doodles. The journey begins with the use of templates and the simple act of tracing, thus designing the art piece through the creation of layered objects. The process continues with the art of doodling; filling in, highlighting and morphing the basic traced lines. Once doodling is completed; color is applied through the application of fabric paints directly to the fabric bringing the piece to life. There are no mistakes in Urban Doodles, simply opportunities to move in any number of design directions throughout the process. The afternoon will involve machine sewing the espadrille tops together. If you are not familiar with sewing, do not worry as Lorine will be there to guide you through each step. The final step is to hand stitch the tops to the espadrille soles, think of this as a new take on the Sewing Bee from years ago; a perfect time to talk and learn about your fellow artists.

Note:  Registration will close for this class on April 15th. Register early and request your shoe size. Ladies 6 – 10 and children’s 2 – 5 are available. If you need a half size – order the next size up. The adjustment will be made during the sewing process.

Supply List:

All supplies will be provided by the instructor

Contact Lorine directly at: masoncreation@msn.com for additional information about class opportunities

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