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There’s a new cord in town! Hebe cord by Sullivan’s USA

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Floral Hairband

Floral Hairband


One Skein Hebe Cord*, Hairband, 3.5 mm Crochet Hook, Spool Knitting Tool, Large Eye Needle, Fabric Glue, Three Buttons, Scissors, Measuring Tape or Ruler

*Hebe cord is available from Sullivans, USA

How to:

1. Following the instructions given with the Spool Knitting Tool; knit a length long enough to cover the hairband.

2. Insert one end of the hairband into the knitted tube. Wrap the cord at the ends of the knitted tube around the hairband ends and add a drop of glue to secure.

3. Crochet three floral motifs:

Create a slip knot and attach cord to your crochet hook. Chain seven. Bring the hook around and insert it through the first stitch. Make a slip stitch into that stitch to form a ring with the stitches. Chain four. Crochet three treble* stitches into the ring. Chain 4 and slip stitch through ring. This is one petal. Repeat to make an additional four petals. Cut cord end six inches long, insert end through the last stitch on the hook and remove motif from the hook. Insert each of the cord ends (beginning and ending cords) onto a large eyed needle and feed them through to the back of the floral motif. Use these ends to tie motifs onto hairband. Trim ends and add a drop of glue to secure.

4. Use the needle and additional cord to stitch the motifs (they should already be tied onto the hairband) and buttons onto the hairband, stitching through the knitted cover of the hairband. Add drops of glue to secure.

*Treble Stitch:  Wrap the cord around the hook twice, insert the hook into the ring and wrap the yarn over the hook, pull the hook back through the ring and wrap the yarn around the hook. Pull through two stitches, wrap the yarn around and pull through two stitches, repeat one last time leaving a single stitch on the hook. 

This project is part of the Designer Craft Blog Connection so please take the time to see what my fellow designers have come up with to show off this brand new line of cords.  The icon is along the side of my blog post. Simply click forward or backward to check out what they have created.  Leaving a message is always appreciated.



Sullivans, The Cutting Edge Video

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The Sullivans Book ProjectI recently posted a video to YouTube where I demonstrate the  Sullivans, The Cutting Edge cutting system while creating a paper project. I am not known for my paper projects however have sold many designs before focusing my energy and design skills to the fabric arts. This however was a good fit as I am very familiar with a rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler system, having used them for years in my fabric projects. I quickly came up with a project and filmed the video.
The main reason I was interested in the video project was that Sullivans, The Cutting Edge offers a unique twist to the traditional three part cutting system. Each of the rulers comes with an embedded sharpening blade along its edge. As you  run the rotary cutter along the ruler it sharpens the blade. This is a wonderful for a couple of reasons, #1 it saves money as replacing dull blades can be expensive and #2 we now have the ability to change between fabric and paper without worrying about dulling our blades. With the Mixed Media craze right now, crossing between the two mediums does not require separate tools. Anyone who works with fabric has had the talk with their family members. Do Not Touch my cutting tools. There was no excuse great enough to get a pass on this one. I will admit now that I have discovered this system and the ability to cross between mediums the rules have not changed in my house. Why change the rules mid way through the game.
I will be posting the complete instructions for the book project very soon. In the meantime please check out the video, I would love to hear your thoughts.


Sullivans, The Cutting Edge Project

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  Project Sullivans, The Cutting Edge by Lorine Mason

I was recently contracted to create a video for Sullivans, The Cutting Edge cutting system. I am a fabric artisan however had no problem whatsoever coming up with the above project to highlight just how a paper artist might use The Cutting Edge tools in their work. I have utilized this system for many of my fabric projects over the past number of months as I liked the idea that the rulers come with an embedded sharpening blade along side each of the rulers. Each time the rotary cutter blade runs along side the ruler, the blade is sharpened. This saves a lot of money as blades can be expensive. On to the paper project.

Anyone who has fabric scissors has had discussions with their family members as to what scissors can be used for paper and exactly what scissors are off limits. This is true for rotary cutters as well. That is until now as sharpening the blade happens throughout the project so switching between fabric and paper is no longer an issue. I will say however the rules stand in our house as why change them part way through the game.
I will be providing the instructions for the book project very soon. In the meantime take a look at the video and be sure to leave a comment. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhgMlEPf6sg

Sullivans, The Cutting Edge

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I recently filmed a video for Sullivans USA, Inc. demonstrating The Cutting Edge cutting system. This includes cutting mats, a rotary cutter and rulers with embedded sharpening blades. This is important as blades do become dull. I am a fabric artist and have used the Sullivans system in many projects however had no problem moving over a great paper project to highlight just how useful this system could be for all of you paper artists out there who are not familiar with a rotary cutter. In fact moving between fabric and paper is now possible due to the sharpening blade. I personally have issued warning to each of my family members to never touch my sewing scissors for that exact reason. Sending my scissors to be sharpened is not only expensive but time consuming. If each cut I make using The Cutting Edge system sharpens my blade the problem is resolved. Having said that; I will not speak of this again as my family knows the rules and why change them part way through the game.
I will be posting the complete instructions for the project very soon – until then take a moment and check out the video. I would love to hear your comments.