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Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs

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Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs8Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs

By Lorine Mason

Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs1Supplies:

*Four coordinating fat quarters of fabric

*In-R-Form Plus –  double sided fusible foam stabilizer

*Frixion pen

Fabri-Tac™ fabric glue  www.beaconcreates.com

Snag Free Sew On Velcro® hook and loop tape  www.velcro.com

Pattern provided

Basic sewing supplies

How To:

Following the manufacturer’s directions; fuse In-R-Form to the back of a 9 inch by 12 inch rectangle of fabric.

Using the pattern provided below cut out a bib front and back. One from the In-R-Form backed fabric piece and one from a coordinating print.

Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs

For the girl’s bib only; Cut three 4 inch by 22” strips from one of the fabric prints

Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs2

For the girl’s bib only; with right sides together stitch the three fabric strips together using a ¼ inch seam. Press the seams open. Fold the strip together lengthwise and press. Stitch each of the ends together using a ¼ inch seam.

Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs3

For the girl’s bib only; turn right side out and press. Sew two rows of gathers, stitching 3/8 and 1/8 of an inch away from the raw edges down the length of the strip.

Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs4

For the girl’s bib only; pull the gathering threads and pin the strip to the right side of the In-R-Form backed bib section. Adjust the gathers and continue pinning around the sides and bottom edge of the bib. Start and end pinning the strip to the bib ½ inch from the inside of the neckline edge on either side.

Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs5

With right sides together pin the second bib section on top of the In-R-Form backed bib section.

Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs6

Stitch around the outside edge of the bib as well as along the inside neckline edge leaving a 4 inch opening along one side. Starting and ending on either side of the opening; trim away the excess fabric and stabilizer leaving a 1/8 of an inch seam allowance remaining. Gently pull the In-R-Form away from the fabric along the open edge and clip the foam stabilizer even with the already trimmed edge. This will leave the full ½ inch seam allowance of fabric remaining to be turned and sewn shut by hand. Turn right side out and press. Note: The In-R-Form will fuse to the back of the second bib section at this point. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs7

Cut two; one inch sections of Snag Free Velcro® for each bib. Use scissors to round each of the corners of the Velcro®. Add a drop of fabric glue to the centers of the Velcro® and press in place using the pattern as a guide to placement. Once the glue has dried; stitch around the outside edges of the Velcro® through all layers of fabric and stabilizer.

Twice the Halloween Fun Bibs8The bibs are reversible therefore twice the fun!

I hope you liked my Halloween bibs and the fact that they are reversible allowing the use of two very creative print choices. I would love to hear your comments.


ART KLOTH Welcome sign

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Art Kloth1 - Welcome to our Home

Welcome to our Home


By Lorine Mason




ArtKloth – 24” x 35” sheet


Fat Quarters – four coordinating prints and one solid


Fusible Web; Steam-A- Seam2  ( ½” & multiple 9” x 12” sheets)


Fabric Glue




Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter


Sewing Machine and basic sewing supplies


Embellishments of your choice


How To:


Apply fusible web to the back of the fat quarters of fabric and cut out the following pieces from the coordinating fat quarters:


Print 1:  One 12” x 20” Door Frame


Print 2:  One 10” x 18” Doorway


Print 3:  One  7” square Window and  Three 1 ½” x 9” Doorway Panels


Print 4:  Multiple ½” strips to frame Window (cut on the bias if using a stripe print)


Art Kloth3 - Cutting

Cut ART KLOTH and fabric using a rotary cutter, ruler and mat for accuracy.

Art Kloth2 - Fusible Web Application

Press fusible web to the back of fabric pieces.

Cut the Art Kloth to measure 20” x 30”.  Press ½” Steam-A-Seam to the back of the Art Kloth along what will become the top edge. Remove paper backing and turnover 2” and press well. This will form a pocket to be used in hanging the finished banner.


Art Kloth4 - Fusing

Guide to layering and placement of fabric pieces.

Following the manufacturer’s directions, remove the paper backing and press each of the fabric pieces in place centering them on the front of the Art Kloth. Use the project photo as a guide to placement.


Sew around each of the fabric layers using the stitch of your choice. This is an optional step as the layers may simply be fused to the Art Kloth.


Art Kloth5 - Close Up of Stitching

Close Up of stitching options.


Use a die cut machine to cut out lettering or using a font from your computer, trace font onto fabric and cut out individual letters. Cut letters using a variety of the prints. Cut out each letter from the accent fabric.Place the letters, forming your message onto the front of the Art Kloth prior to removing the paper backing. Once you are happy with the design, carefully remove the paper backing from each of the letters and press in place. Repeat adding the second layer of accent lettering.


Embellish your banner using items such as; keyholes, wreath, buttons, door knocker, address numbers, doormat etc. Make it your own. Hint: Search for fun embellishments in the paper/ scrapbook and jewelry aisles of your local stores.


Art Kloth6 - Close Up Embellisments - Copy

Close Up of embellishments.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I would love to hear your comments.













Ribbon Floral Wedding Accessories

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Ribbon Wrist Corsage 12

 Ribbon Wrist Corsage by Lorine Mason


Ribbon Wrist Corsage 1


Ribbon – large flower 17 1/2 inches, small flower 12 1/2 inches, ribbon ties 2 yards each

Felt scrap; 1 ¼ inch circle and a 1  ¼ inch x ½ inch rectangle


Fabric glue, needle and thread, measuring tape, marking pen,

Ribbon Wrist Corsage 2

How To:

Mark spacing along the bottom edge of the ribbon at 3 1/2 inch intervals for large flowers and 2 1/2 inch for small flowers. (Note: if you are using wired ribbon, remove the wire from the top edge of the ribbon)

Ribbon Wrist Corsage 3

Using the needle and thread stitch along the length of the ribbon using the diagram as a guide.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage4Ribbon Wrist Corsage5

With the needle and thread still attached, carefully gather the threads forming five petals. Stitch the first and last petals together, knot and trim threads.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage6

Apply fabric glue to the back of the felt circle and glue it to the back of the large ribbon flower.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage7

Apply fabric glue to the back of the smaller flower and glue it to the top of the large flower. Apply glue to the back of the button and glue it to the center of the small flower.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage8Ribbon Wrist Corsage9

Apply fabric glue to the ends of the felt rectangle and press to the back of the felt circle. Once dry; insert ribbons through opening.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage10

Tie ribbons around your wrist to wear as a wrist corsage or simply slide onto an existing hairband. Another option is to add clips and use either as a hair adornment or make two and clip them to a favorite pair of shoes.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage 11

Perfect for a Flower Girl hairband accessory

Ribbon Wrist Corsage 12

Worn as a wrist corsage

I hope you are inspired to create something today. Thanks for stopping by,  Lorine



Creating custom zippers

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Fun, colorful zippers for that custom look!

Have you ever wanted to take that project just one step further to make it your own? Why not create a custom color matched zipper. It is so simple and quite inexpensive.

Purchase two or more zippers in colors that coordinate with your project.

Cut away or remove with pliers, the metal stopper at the bottom of each of the zippers. Please note I am working with nylon zippers. Slide off the zipper pull and set aside.

Add pieces of masking tape to each of the cut ends of the zipper tape. This will help prevent fraying and give you something to grip as you slide the zipper pull onto the zipper tape. Slide the one half of the zipper tape onto the zipper pull, stop and slide the second half onto the pull and then continue sliding the pull up the length of the zipper. If the pull is uneven remove and start over.

Using a needle and coordinating thread; stitch across the bottom edge of the zipper, coming up,stitching across and then down the opposite side of the zipper coil. Repeat stitching to establish a firm stop.

Fun, colorful zippers for that custom look!

Voila, you have created custom zippers for all of your fun projects.



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Creating a fun project using inexpensive buttons is really so easy. I have provided step by step instructions for you to create a one of a kind button embellished tote bag. Here we go……

Step One:  Choose a font you like on your home computer. Enlarge to desired size and print. Choose buttons.

Step Two:  Cover the printout in buttons, arranging them along the lines of the print. Thick and thin lines are covered with different sizes of buttons. 

Step Three: Remove buttons, turnover print and redraw the lines using a iron-on fabric transfer pencil.

Step Four:  Iron on the transfer to the pocket on your tote bag. Cover lines with buttons using the paper print out as a guide for thick and thin lines.Step Five:  Add a drop of glue to the back of each button sparingly. Do not cover the holes in the buttons with glue. The glue is used only to hold button in place while stitching it in place.  You will notice I also added additional buttons along each side of the pocket. Step Six: Stitch the button in place. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this project. Stay tuned for new projects each week or so.

Bye for now,  Lorine

Holiday Doorway Ideas

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Design by Lorine Mason

I have been fascinated by the beauty of doorways and how we choose to dress them up for a number of years. It is one of the first impressions we make to anyone walking up our driveway. This fascination has led to the creation of doorway pillows, ornaments, pin cushions and I just know it – itmes yet to even be thought up! Here are the basic instructions to get you started on creating your very own doorway. Have fun. I would love to see photos of what you come up with if you get a chance.


Doorway Ornament by Lorine Mason

©Lorine Mason2012


Wool Blend Felt – three colors

Steam a Seam2™ fusible web

Heavy weight craft fusible interfacing


Sewing Machine & basic sewing supplies

Embellishments; ornament hangers, keyhole, glitter snow, mini florals, ribbon etc.


Press fusible web to the back of the green felt and cut out using the patterns and/or measurements provided. Note: all measurements are in inches.

Cut out two rectangles from the red felt using the pattern and/or measurements provided.

Place the ornament front on a flat pressing surface; press pattern pieces to the front in the following order:

  1. Door frame
  2. Door
  3. Window
  4. Door Panels
  5. Mat

Refer to the project photo for a guide in placing pattern pieces.  Sewing Savvy Doorway Ornament

Top stitch around each of the pattern pieces using an accent color of thread.

Cut a rectangle of fusible interfacing using the pattern or measurements given for the ornament. Trim 1/8” of an inch from the bottom and one side of the interfacing piece. Note: this is so that the interfacing does not show along the sides of the ornament once completed.  

Center and then press the interfacing to the back of the stitched ornament.

Cover the interfacing with the remaining red rectangle of felt. Top stitch; around the outside edge of the ornament through all layers.

Attach ornament hangers and embellish doorway as desired.



Halloween Drooling – Problem solved

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Halloween Bibs by Lorine Mason

Creating fun gifts for new babies is sew easy. Choose your favorite bib pattern and then dress it up by adding a tie, a skirt and a bow. Like so many projects it’s all about the fabric. Choose fun prints and create combinations using those prints that make you smile. I believe that is the best advice I can give you, if it makes you smile it probably will do the same to whomever you decide to give these fun bibs. Whether creating them for gift giving, for craft sales or for for your own miniature goblins they are just plain fun!

Car Tote

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Marbled Silk Hair bands

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At the regional sewing expos you at times come across vendors selling bags of scraps that they have hand dyed. This is the case with this wonderful marbled silk I used in my hairband projects. I started with a dollar store hairband (actually 6 for $1) and created a tube from one of my scraps. I simply slipped the tube over the hair band and after turning in the ends, stitching them to the hairband. Note: I used my heavy duty hole punch to punch holes at each of the ends of the hairband to allow for the stitching. Leave the hairband simple or embellish it with hand made flowers, buttons, jewelry or more.