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Lace Jewelry Classes with Lorine Mason

Lace Jewelry by Lorine Mason

I will be travelling to the historic Quartermain House in beautiful Fredericton, New Brunswick this spring to attend and teach at the inaugural QH Retreat 2016. Myself along with three other top notch teachers will be attending and offering classes in everything from 3D sculpture, lettering to hand painted espadrilles and jewelry. The event sign up is available now with limited seating. It includes a Friday night reception as choice of classes daily and lunch each day provided by the renowned kitchens at the Quartermain House.

Lace Jewelry with Lorine Mason

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Lace Jewelry by Lorine Mason

I will soon be travelling to beautiful Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada to attend and teach at the inaugural QH Retreat 2016. The Quartermain House is an historic bed and breakfast in downtown Fredericton. I am honoured that I will be teaching along side, Eileen Hull, Cheryl Boglioli and Marie Browning. Classes with include, 3D sculpture, hand lettering, jewelry, paper arts and hand painted espadrilles as well as the lace jewelry class. The event will open with a Friday night reception and classes will begin Saturday and continue through Sunday. Lunch will be provided by the kitchens at Quartemain House. Additional information is available at www.quartermainhouse.com

Lace Jewelry by Lorine Mason

Identifying specific design elements within lace yardage is the first step in the creation of a one of kind jewelry piece. This is followed by the careful dissection of the lace to create jewelry pieces through layering techniques. Preparing the lace and adding color is the next step. Finally the lace elements are accessorized through the addition of chain, ribbon, beads, charms and more. Students will have the opportunity to create more than one piece of jewelry in class; items such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The instructor will supply a variety of laces to choose from as well as an assortment of jewelry findings, embellishments, paint and other items necessary with the exception of supplies listed below. For more information regarding class pricing and availability in your area of the country contact Lorine directly at: masoncreation@msn.com

Supply List:

  • Jewelry pliers – small needle nose pliers
  • Scissors with sharp points suitable to cut fabric
  • Optional – beads suitable for stringing such as crystals, pearls, stones etc., as well as charms, metal accents and more. Note: the instructor will be providing an assortment of hot fix crystals, studs, beads, and metal accent pieces for use in the class.