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The Story behind Millie B Bibs

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I just finished uploading the last of the trio of Millie B Bibs to my Etsy and Craftsy (note: this link will not be working until 7/18/14) stores and I can honestly say I am proud of myself. I am not a techy person and while I know setting up one of these stores is certainly not brain surgery it seems that I can become lost in the details and give up, perhaps too easily. But I stuck with it and things are up and running. The patterns are available for immediate download on either site and contain full size patterns, step by step illustrated instructions and a fat quarter pattern layout guide.  They are available as a download direct from the Etsy and Craftsy sites or very soon will be available to order in the printed version through the Annies and Home Sew catalogues. Here is the first pattern; Night at the Ballet – I love this one especially because it is a little over the top while still remaining practical.

Night at the Ballet Front Cover without text Low Rez

MIllie B Bibs – Night at the Ballet

The name Millie B comes from my dear Mother. It is kind of funny as my Mother hated it if anyone tried to call her Millie, but as she gracefully aged my Brother Bob took it upon himself to lovingly refer to her as Millie B whenever they were together. It caught on and soon a number of us siblings were referring to Mom as Millie B. She would make a face and say that it was a good thing she loved us, so we could get away with it but hoped it would not catch on. My Mother, Mildred Bell passed away a couple of years ago now and she is missed. She loved her six children and she loved her husband, Henry A.

Here we have the second pattern in the series; Sunday Dinner. Sunday Dinners were important. All generations of the same family sitting around the same table. Life goes by quickly and sharing familiar stories is important.

Sunday Dinner Front Cover without Text Low Rez

Millie B Bibs – Sunday Dinner

I would love to say that my children wore wonderful creations such as these styles of bibs, but the truth is that they did not. I was too practical and caught up in the raising of our family, the day to day details, the bills etc. , which always came first. I will say that I have made a number of these cute bibs and given them as gifts and if  there are to be Grandchildren in my future you can bet they too will be sporting only the best. The last bib in the set is; Five O’Clock Somewhere. This set was all about Summer and Vacations, Flirty skirts and Hawaiian themed shirts.

Five O'Clock Front Cover without Text Low Rez

Five O’Clock Somewhere

Millie B Bibs is the start of a new venture for It’s Sew Lorine. Stay tuned for my upcoming release of  It’s Sew Lorine downloadable patterns, all priced from $.99 to $1.99. Until then enjoy life and enjoy sewing.

Channeling inspiration while on vacation

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Hubby and I at Horseshoe Bay in BermudaAnyone that really knows me, knows that I love vacations. I am one lucky lady and that is because of that guy standing beside me. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones who picked right some 30 years ago.
Okay now on to the blog post which is really about channeling that creative energy while laying across a lounge chair at the pool. Most creative people can not just turn off the ideas and I like to embrace them no matter where I am. I always carry a journal of some sort where I can jot down ideas, inspirational quotes, color themes that I love and even random thoughts. I have also used my iPad to take notes but I honestly find it a little stiff as it involves typing and I kind of do that at my real job. My scribblings do not always make sense and goodness knows they sometimes turn out to be bad ideas but  it keeps me thinking. You never know the best ideas just might come from sitting around a pool on a cruise with a icy drink in hand. Shark Tank here I come – well when I get off this cruise. Have fun everyone – I will be back to work next week.


Sullivan’s USA wins CHA’s Top 20 Innovative Award

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Great news!It was just announced that Sullivan’s USA’s The Cutting Edge Clear Ruler picked up one of the coveted Top 20 Innovative Awards from CHA – Craft and Hobby Association. The trade show opens in Anaheim this Saturday and I will be there to see first hand all of the new products, techniques and show offerings. If you remember I wrote about the The Cutting Edge Clear Rulers a couple of months ago for the Sewing Savvy E-Newsletter. The rulers have a specialized sharpening edge that keeps your rotary cutter blades sharp time and time again. I don’t know about you but changing blades is not only time consuming but expensive. Just in case you missed the Sewing Savvy Project I have attached the link (just click on E-Newsletter which is highlighted and look under the newsletters archives for Sullivan’s). Once more congrats Sullivan’s and see you in Anaheim. Love your rulers.

A strange ‘Noodle’ Contest

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Some might think it strange that the Mason Family perch a cricket dressed up in top hat and tails on the upper most point of their Christmas Tree. Not only that but the bug seems to be sporting some kind of pasta five pointed medallion around his neck. Well, to make a long story just a little shorter it involves a family of four moving far away (1500 miles away) from their nearest relative, a lonely Christmas season and an unexpected envelope arriving just before Christmas. The father decided to try and cheer everyone up by removing the angel from the top of the tree as she seemed to do nothing for the family’s mood and replacing it with the stuffed bug. Not one person from the family knew where the bug came from and Mom at first was not too thrilled with the bug on the top of the tree however the children thought it was great fun. A tradition was born. Okay on to the pasta art….The youngest child who by no means is very interested in crafting, gluing or painting made this wonderful star in kindergarten back home before the great move. Kimbrely, the child brought it home and it always had a place of honor on the tree. The father of the family once again decided to play hide ‘ the ridiculous food art star’ every year with eventually everyone joining in the game. This year there was no question, the pasta art was to share the place of honor with the bug…. The End!
My good friend, Eileen Hull is sponsoring a ‘Noodle Art’ contest on her blog. Strange story but a good one. Check it out at EileenHull.blogspot.com