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Urban Doodles on the Road

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Recently I was asked to teach a 1/2 hour class to the ladies at our Northern Virginia American Sewing Guild’s annual meeting. I decided my foray into doodling might make a good class and hopefully the ladies would enjoy something different although still sewing related yet very different from traditional sewing based classes. We had a total of 81 ladies sign up for the event. The photo above is the project.

Why you might ask did I call it Urban Doodles…well I probably should have called in Suburban Doodles but that just sounded a little strange at the time. My good friend, Cyndi Hansen designed the logo for me and I love it…. Here I am just getting started.
I showed the project photo and the ladies could be heard collectively saying, I can’t draw or doodle what am I supposed to do with this. I reassured them – and moved on with the basics. My wonderful helpers from my local Sew n’ Sews group handed out cardboard templates of sewing machines and dress forms and we got started. The ladies traced their choice of outlines and I showed them how to outline the image and then divide it into sections using a ribbon like line.
Here are a couple of examples of pattern fills that a couple of the ladies chose for their design. I started getting a little worried as the room was so darn quiet I thought I had bored them to death. No, I was okay they were all concentrating on their work. I was awed by what I saw. These ladies apparently can draw.
Now this one is fun. The fabric piece underneath the drawn design is an example of doodling with fabric. Whether hand stitched, sewn by machine or simply fused to a backing fabric this is real fun!

Urban Doodles class at Northern Virginia American Sewing Guild Annual Meeting

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Recently I taught a group of ladies at the Northern Virgina American Sewing Guild’s annual meeting in Springfield, Virigina an Urban Doodles class. I call my version of the popular zen doodling style – Urban Doodles. We had a wonderful turout of 81 ladies and it was a blast. Here I am at the podium getting ready to get started. The project was a dressform or a sewing machine and I provided carboard tracers for everyone to start off the project.
Explaining the basic techniques was simple. Start with a pencil outline of the dressform, then outline the drawing with thick and thin lines. Divide up your design using a ribbon technique I like to use in my doodling.

Recently I was asked to teach a mini class or make it and take it at the Northern Virginia American Sewing Guild annual meeting and high tea event held in Springfield, Virginia. We had a total of 81 ladies register for the event. The photo above is the project I created to inspire and give the ladies a brief lesson in ‘how to’ create their own version of either the dressform or sewing machine using templates I handed out at the beginning of the event.

Suburban Doodles

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I have a new love – it is Suburban Doodles – directly related to Urban Doodles which I debuted at CHA. While Urban Doodles is my canvas accessory line complete with edgy doodle art, Suburban Doodles is a line of art that I have been working on everyday since returning from CHA. I start with images and then let the pen and paper lead me to the art. My hope is to transfer this new-found art to my sewing machine in the near future. While I am not Irish I appreciate a holiday like anyone else so here is my English/Austrian/Canadian/American version of a shamrock……