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Doll Clothes Book Author?

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A sneak peek at a trio of the designs from a latest book
I never imagined myself as the author of five books and seven patterns all about doll clothes. Why not, I must ask myself however as I was one of those kids that preferred at times to stay home and  create something from scraps of fabric, yarn and cardboard as apposed to running off to a pick up game of baseball like my sister. One of my favorite activities involved cutting up the old Eaton’s catalogue. I would only get one after the new issue was received and okay-ed my Mother, but when I did I made good use of it. I carefully cut out people, fashions, furniture, appliances and more from the pages and then glued them to cardboard, creating a complete household filled with family.
My first set of patterns
How did I get started in the doll clothes business you might ask? Well, I was creating and selling designs too DRG, House of White Birches and Annie’s Attic and the buyer for the Clotilde catalog asked if I might be interested in designing doll clothes for a doll they were selling in their catalog. I had never done that but thought that it certainly could not be much different that designing, drawing patterns, writing instructions so why not give it a try. Well after years of stuffing patterns into plastic envelopes to fill orders I can say it is possible and I did it. 
My first book on doll clothes
The patterns sold quite well and I was on my way to becoming a doll dresser of sorts. Next step was that I was asked if I would be interested in designing clothes for the popular 18 inch doll. Once again after a little research and asking myself why not I jumped in with two feet and a sewing machine. I decided quite quickly that I needed something to make my books a little different. That difference was born through my concept of every outfit must be able to be constructed from a fat quarter of fabric. I wanted to make things as simple as possible and not having to stand in line at the fabric cutting table was the answer. 
My latest book

I have written three books using the 18 inch doll as my base and each has done quite well I am proud to report. My latest book however takes me right back to my doll clothes dressing roots as it is for the Lots to Love® dolls where I started. This latest book is not available just yet but will be very soon.

I guess that is the story in a nutshell, it is funny where life takes us…..


A Challenge called ‘Sock Monkey’

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When asked to participate in the ‘Sock Monkey Challenge’ I was at first perplexed as to a possible design direction. My younger brother, Fred carried around a sock monkey when we were growing up so I was quite familiar with the concept of a monkey made from a work sock but the real challenge would be in putting my creative stamp on the project. And then, it came to me. I recently turned in my fourth manuscript for a doll clothes book and decided this is how I would participate while remaining true to my business plan. May I introduce Millie, she is 18″ tall and has a knack for creating sewing projects from just about anything. A red heeled work sock from Fox River was the perfect fabric for her trendy sweater dress and hair band. In this photo Millie is preparing to film ‘The sock monkey challenge’ for u-tube.

The stage is set and once the lighting is checked the work will begin. We would like to send out a great big Thank You to the folks at When Creativity Knocks, Fox River and Judikins, the wonderful sponsors of filming today.
A closeup of the pattern envelope which was inspired by a Judikins stamp along with some of the tools necessary to create your very own sock monkey. If you would like to make a people sized sock monkey for someone you love, check out the video/pattern combination offered by When Creativity Knocks.
Hey Readers: Did you know that you can enter the contest:-Go to http://www.whencreativityknocks.com/ website-In the Member Log in box click: Create An Account-Entry Code: Sock Monkey There is also a discount coupon to purchase the WCK VideoBook: Sock Monkey Goes BanAnas
Please note: Rit Dye provided product for this project however Millie chose to feature their wonderful products in an upcoming post entitled “T Shirts and your Jewelry Box” coming soon on It’s Sew Lorine.

Playing with Dolls

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It is so funny how things come about. I was with good friend Eileen Hull last week and she mentioned the upcoming ‘suitcase’ project for the Fresh Vintage bloghop. I had participated the previous week and was not planning on going another round of hopping but since my new book, Love to Dress Up 18″ Dolls, was just released and would be the perfect fit for the suitcase, I thought it was a wonderful fit. I decided to dress my doll in the Outdoor Explorer outfit which went perfectly with some Monarch butterfly fabric I already owned in my stash.

Here is how I created my suitcase so full of butterflies, that some seem to be escaping.
Fuse Steam a Seam 2 to the back of your chosen fabric.
Remove paper backing from the fusible web and cover a piece of matboard with the fabric.
Create the magic sandwich: cutting board-die-fabric covered matboard-cutting board. Slide the entire sandwich through the Sizzix machine.
I colored the edges and inside of my suitcase using my Mepxy markers.
I added brads to the corners and a ‘lock’ shaped brad to the front of the suitcase.
Using the project photo as a guide, create your suitcase.
Use leftovers to create a mini luggage tag, adding some embroidery thread as the hanging loop.
Cut out two Butterflies, once again a great die provided to us by Eileen and Sizzix.
Create wire coils and attach them to the back of the butterflies, attaching the opposite end inside the suitcase using foam tape.
What fun!
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Making a living playing with dolls!

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If you would have asked me a few years back if I could possibly make a living writing books about doll clothes, I would have laughed. Yes; it is true that I was one of those children who created clothing for my one doll out of old socks, old clothes, even fashioning a costume made out of leaves and sticks one time but paying bills while playing with fabric and dolls. No way….. It just goes to show that if you can think to imagine it – you can make it happen. Of course designing clothes for dolls is not the only item I work on at a time but my new book brings the total to seven pattern packs and three books on doll clothes. You can imagine I have quite the collection of clothes at this point and with no grandchildren or small children in my life at this moment I am quite the hit with my friend’s children. My last Christmas party involved bringing out a box of dolls and a wide variety of clothes and the three youngsters attending the party were totally involved in dressing and undressing the dolls. What a life!