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Frozen Blooms

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Frozen Blooms Wreath Photo Watermarked

This post is all about things you love….I love oly-fun by Fairfield Processing and to add to that, the color palette is just yummy. I came up with this wreath because I also love winter. OK – I understand it is not everyone’s favourite season but I am originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and man you better love winter or you are in a whole lot of trouble. Now living where I live now (Virginia) might play a factor into my continued love of Winter a bit more but to me it is all about the white, clean crispness of the weather and ultimately the snow.

You might at first glance think this wreath has something to do with the Disney® movie entitled Frozen®…..I have never seen it and while I have heard it is wonderful, trust me it is about ice and snow and nothing more. Here is the diagram of step outs to walk you through the process. If you would like a detailed set of instructions check out the post on the Fairfield blog

Frozen Blooms Wreath


This project is part of the Designer Craft Blog Connection so please take the time to see what my fellow designers have come up with to show off their favourites….  The icon is along the side of my blog post. Simply click forward or backward to check out what they have created.  Leaving a message is always appreciated.


ART KLOTH Welcome sign

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Art Kloth1 - Welcome to our Home

Welcome to our Home


By Lorine Mason




ArtKloth – 24” x 35” sheet


Fat Quarters – four coordinating prints and one solid


Fusible Web; Steam-A- Seam2  ( ½” & multiple 9” x 12” sheets)


Fabric Glue




Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter


Sewing Machine and basic sewing supplies


Embellishments of your choice


How To:


Apply fusible web to the back of the fat quarters of fabric and cut out the following pieces from the coordinating fat quarters:


Print 1:  One 12” x 20” Door Frame


Print 2:  One 10” x 18” Doorway


Print 3:  One  7” square Window and  Three 1 ½” x 9” Doorway Panels


Print 4:  Multiple ½” strips to frame Window (cut on the bias if using a stripe print)


Art Kloth3 - Cutting

Cut ART KLOTH and fabric using a rotary cutter, ruler and mat for accuracy.

Art Kloth2 - Fusible Web Application

Press fusible web to the back of fabric pieces.

Cut the Art Kloth to measure 20” x 30”.  Press ½” Steam-A-Seam to the back of the Art Kloth along what will become the top edge. Remove paper backing and turnover 2” and press well. This will form a pocket to be used in hanging the finished banner.


Art Kloth4 - Fusing

Guide to layering and placement of fabric pieces.

Following the manufacturer’s directions, remove the paper backing and press each of the fabric pieces in place centering them on the front of the Art Kloth. Use the project photo as a guide to placement.


Sew around each of the fabric layers using the stitch of your choice. This is an optional step as the layers may simply be fused to the Art Kloth.


Art Kloth5 - Close Up of Stitching

Close Up of stitching options.


Use a die cut machine to cut out lettering or using a font from your computer, trace font onto fabric and cut out individual letters. Cut letters using a variety of the prints. Cut out each letter from the accent fabric.Place the letters, forming your message onto the front of the Art Kloth prior to removing the paper backing. Once you are happy with the design, carefully remove the paper backing from each of the letters and press in place. Repeat adding the second layer of accent lettering.


Embellish your banner using items such as; keyholes, wreath, buttons, door knocker, address numbers, doormat etc. Make it your own. Hint: Search for fun embellishments in the paper/ scrapbook and jewelry aisles of your local stores.


Art Kloth6 - Close Up Embellisments - Copy

Close Up of embellishments.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I would love to hear your comments.













Carrying your ART

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Card Insert for Daily Window Tote

A good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Paula Krieger from Daily Window recently asked me to design a couple of card inserts using Sizzix dies. This was a perfect fit for a number of reasons, the greatest being my dear friend, neighbor and fellow designer, Eileen Hull designs dies for Sizzix. I call this a match made in heaven. Working on a creative project and helping good friends get the word out about their wonderful products.

The cards are a standard size, enabling them to fit into the pocket of anyone of Daily Window’s great totes, purses and or a lunch bags. To get started you will need the following supplies:

Assorted Batik Fabrics

Heavy Duty Craft Interfacing with d/s fusible backing

Sizzix Die Cut Machine and assorted Dies

Steam A Seam Fusible Web

Charms & Brads

Card Stock scrap

General supplies such as; thread, iron, scissors, computer, glue

How To Basics:

Cut interfacing to appropriate size. Fuse background fabric to interfacing – I used two colors to establish a horizon line between the sky and grassy areas.

Thread your sewing machine with a fun thread color have some fun using decorative stitches and/or sewing rows of stitching wherever you desire.

Choose fabric to be used for the fence, sign and flowers and press Steam A Seam to the back of the fabric.

Cut out design elements using your Sizzix Die Cut machine and assorted dies.

Arrange die cut elements onto the background of the card until placement is as desired. Remove the paper backing from the fusible web and press elements to the front of the card.

Add decorative stitching by hand or machine. Insert brads and sew charms in place.

Create and Print your  message using your computer or hand lettering directly onto a piece of  card stock. Die cut the message  centering it on the die prior to feeding it through the machine. Glue die cut image to center of the sign.

Press a piece of fabric to the back of the card, covering the stitching and backs of the brads. Top stitch around the outside edges of the card, sewing through all layers. Trim   fabric even with the stitching line.






Sizzix Fresh Vintage Blog Hop

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Visions of Bali by Lorine Mason
Welcome Hoppers! When Eileen Hull asked me to participate in her current blog hop I was honored as I am not a consistent blogger but a good friend. I want to be, a consistent blogger I mean, as I think I qualify as a good friend despite my lack of blogging skills, but it seems I let life get in my way at times!

My contribution to the blog hop involved the use of the leaf die that Eileen designed within the Fresh Vintage collection as well as some wonderful wire and Katydids from the folks over at Beadalon and a wonderful designer named Katie Hacker. What was I to do with all this great stuff?

The Design Process Step by Step

1. My first love is fabric and I love to fuse things so that is where I started, I simply fused fun batik fabric leftovers to bamboo felt and then slid them through the Sizzix machine cutting out leaves of perfectly predetermined sizes.

1a. Yes, I could have changed the entire design listing process to add a step I forgot but that is just not me so we have 1a. I had to sew something so I ‘clothesline’ sewed down the center of the leaves using a fun variegated thread on my sewing machine. I then cut apart my leaves and moved to step 2.
Clothesline Sewing: means to sew in a continuous row without breaking your thread, just keep feeding in the next leaf until you are finished.

2. My second love these days is t shirt fabric strips, I rummaged through my design trunk and found a matching strip and used it for the base of the necklace.

3. I love just a touch of sparkle and since I come from all things fabric I filled my Katydid with hot fix metallic rhinestones from iLoveToCreate using glue as frankly it was just a little too delicate to hot fix anything into the channels of the finding.

4. Just so I did not stray too far from my roots I wrapped the wire around a fabric turner tube to create fun coils and then created some spirals to add to the magnificence of my creation.

5. I think I am ready to put it all together. Does this count as a step?

6. Break time: I must get a cup of coffee before I finish.

7. Back to work, I find the center of the t shirt strip and use it to tie five of the leaf stems together with a beautiful knot.

8. I moved up either side of the necklace and continued to tie additional groupings of leaves. Live dangerously and don’t measure.

9. I then spiraled the coils around the t shirt strip between the leaf groupings.

10. I added a touch of glue to the back of the Katydid and the spirals made earlier and glued them to the top of the center grouping of leaves.

11. One last look to decide if it looks finished or not! I think it is…..

12. Take a sip of coffee and call the master of all things Fresh Vintage!

13. Be sure to continue hopping – just click on the hop forward button on the Fresh Vintage icon along the side.

14. Thanks for stopping by……

15. Almost forgot -please stop by the Oh My Crafts blog and leave a comment for a chance to win the Leaves die used in this project. Wow! if I did not already have the die I sure would……

Triple Play Blog Hop – The final project – this time anyway!

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Christmas is around the corner and I am running to get there. I apoligise for missing the last two hops but my excuse is bound to bring oohs and awhs from most of you as well as perhaps as Oh you poor baby!. I was on a cruise with my hubby and frankly blog hopping is too expensive from a cruise ship and I am not together enough to have worked all the projects our before hand. OK enough – this project was no brainer as we are hosting a party this weekend and I love to have goodies to send home with my guests after the party comes to a close.
Eileen’s treat topper die was perfect to top off my chocolate dipped pretzel creations. Loving all things fabric I, of course covered the die cuts in fabric using a fusible web (luckily I have access to Eileen’s dies as she lives so close). I then used ink to add a shadow to the ends of the die cut as well as to cover the white mat board edges. Next I ran a sloppy line of hot glue around the outside edes and spinkled lots of sugary glitter. I did it a second time in some spaces. No trouble at all and I am sure my guests will be pleased.
Happy Christmas everyone,

The Perfect Hairband for Fall

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Fall is here and with the windy days and all that leaf raking I like to wear a hairband so that my hair stays somewhat out of my face. I used a dollar store hairband (7 for $1 actually) and tore off the horrible fabric if was covered with and then wrapped it with fabric strips. I like to use double stick tape along the top edge of the hair band before wrapping and then everything stays nice and neat. When the hair band is covered I added the flower accent made from the Brenda Pinnick Sizzix die. I grundged it up a little with inks and played with the pieces, cutting some and then wrapping them tightly around to form the bud centers. Kinda cute and Ever So Fast…..


Upcoming bloghop

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Having a Halloween Party in the next week or so? I could not resist lacing up Eileen’s cupcake die to create corsets for my delicious cupcakes. So Simple – honestly! Punch some holes – lace them up and add some metallic accents with a silver rub-on product. Slip in the cupcake of your choice and viola they are done. What fun! I am looking forward to creating a few more perhaps with a wedding or holiday theme. Lots of sparkle.

The 2010 bloghop is set to go next week and I have my project ready to go. Tune in on the 4th to see it along with the 50+ artists playing along with Eileen, Karen and Brenda.