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St Patty’s Day Banner of Hope

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St Pattys Day Banner of Hope Cropped on Brick Wall JPGSt Patty’s Day Banner of Hope by Lorine Mason

A Wish for good health, good luck and happiness created using Craft Attitude™.


Craft Attitude™ Ink Jet Printable Film

Steam-A- Seam2 fusible web sheets and 1/2″ tape

White cotton fabric – 9″ x 12″

Natural cotton canvas – 9″ x 15″

Rick rack and buttons

Basic sewing supplies

How To:


Create your printable image, using graphics* from internet sites, photographs, or by creating your own, using design programs on your computer or by hand drawing a design. Follow the wonderful instructions provided by the folks over at Craft Attitude™ to first print your design, then fuse it to the center of the white fabric. Press fusible web to the back of the white fabric.


Trim the image to measure 6″ x 9″. Set aside.

photo5To create the banner backing. Press fusible web tape to the wrong side of the canvas fabric along each of the 15″ sides. Remove the paper backing from the tape, turnover edges and press. Repeat the process, pressing tape to the top and bottom edges of the banner fabric. Remove the paper backing from the bottom edge only. Press the bottom hem in place. photo7

Turn over the top edge of the banner backing 2 1/2″ and press without removing the paper backing from the tape. This will create the rod pocket of the banner to be fuse in place later.


Remove paper backing from the fusible web on the back of the white fabric.printed image . Center the printed panel on top of banner backing. Cover the printed image with a pressing cloth and press. Sew rick rack around the edge of the center design.  Sew buttons to the banner front, using the photograph as a guide for placement. Remove paper backing from fusible tape and press rod pocket hem in place.  You are ready to hang your banner. Simple slip a ribbon or dowel rod through the rod pocket.

Did you know that Craft Attitude™ is also referred to as Shoe Attitude™, Jewelry Attitude™, Decor Attitude™, Wood Attitude™ and Quilt Attitude™ and they all work with fabric.

I would like to thank The Graphics Fairy for use of  the *Lady in Green graphic which is a vintage print downloaded from her site the Graphics Fairy  www.thegraphicfairy.com

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The St Patty’s Day Banner of Hope will be joining a travelling exhibit of banners headed to hospitals, veteran’s homes and shelters. For more information about Banners of Hope and how you to0, can become involved check out:  www.craftandhobby.org/BOH  #BannersofhopeCHA  #Cre8time

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July 4th Pillow with Craft Attitude™

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Fourth of July Pillow (2)

Have you tried QuiltAttitude™ a print at home, transfer to just about anything product. I recently received a package of Quilt Attitude™ and had to just give it a try. With July 4th around the corner and my love of sewing I decided a pillow to sit on one of the chairs outside the front door would be the perfect project. I gathered my supplies and set to work.


Two sheets of Craft Attitude™, Quilt Attitude™, Floral Attitude™, Shoe Attitude™, Jewelry Attitude™ or Scrapbooking Attitude™ (This product is so versatile it has numerous names. They all work for this project.)

Three coordinating fat quarters of fabric

Two Steam-a-Seam2 fusible web sheets

One Crafter’s Choice 16″ Pillow Insert

Rick Rack, Embroidery Thread & Needle

Computer & Printer

Basic sewing supplies

USA Pillow Craft Attitude Transfer SheetsJPG

I choose to play with fonts on the computer and words that described not only the United States but the Fourth of July specifically. My plan was to have two panels of words and then balance the project with fabric in the opposite corners. I drew two 8 inch squares on my computer and filled in the space with phrases using a variety of font, font sizes and three colors of ink. I also added a star or two to each square to balance everything. Next I read the printing directions and chose to reverse the wording of my designs on the computer rather than set up my printer to print them mirror image. You need to do this one way or the other as the words will transfer backwards if you skip this step. Here are my two printed panels….

USA Pillow Craft Attitude Transfer Sheets trimmedJPG

After letting the ink set for a couple of hours, I trimmed the transfer sheets leaving a 1/4 inch border. Next step…go back to your instructions and read carefully how to transfer to fabric. I chose the fusible web method and pressed my transfer sheets to Steam-a-Seam2 fusible web. I achieved success the first time out which goes to show you that great instructions are key, I however did go over the instructions a couple of times.
USA Pillow Close Up

I cut eight 4 1/2″ squares, cutting four from a striped fabric and four from a dot fabric. Using 1/4″ seams I quickly sewed four squares together to create one of the quarter panels. Repeat to create the second panel using the remaining four squares. If you would like to add rick rack or another trim, now is the time to do so. I choose to attach the rick rack using french knots. Stitch the fabric quarter panels to the Craft Attitude™ transfer panels, alternating their placement and referring to the project photo. Press seams towards the fabric panels. Stitch the two halves together and press. Reminder: to do let your iron touch the Craft Attitude film, always use a pressing cloth.

Once the pillow front has been completed, embellish with buttons or other items of your choice. Measure the pillow front and cut a backing fabric using this measurement. With right sides together sew backing fabric to pillow front leaving a six inch opening along one side. Turn right sides out and press. Insert a 16″ Crafter’s Choice pillow form and hand stitch the opening closed.

Fourth of July Pillow Close Up

That was pretty simple and very Patriotic. Have fun this 4th of July,