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Chibitronics® Fabric Card

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Chibitronics Fabric Card


Supplies for Chibitronics® Fabric Card

Chibi Lights LED Circuit Stickers by Chibitronics

Fabric & Felt scraps

Stick fusible web by Fairfield Processing

Cardstock for backing


Spellbinders dies and die cut machine

Sewing Machine

Non-stick crafting sheet

Basic sewing, cutting, measuring and pressing tools & supplies

How to for Chibitronics® Fabric Card

Following the manufacturer’s directions; apply fusible web to the back of the green felt, green, and gold fabric.

Cut the following:

Cardstock: one  4 by 6 inch rectangle,

Green felt: one 4 by 6 inch rectangle, one 1 1/4 inch circle, One Bird and Birdcage using Spellbinders® dies and die cutting machine

Green print fabric: one 4 by 6 rectangle

Gold print fabric 3 by 5 inch rectangle

White fabric – one 1 1/4 inch square

Place the white fabric behind the opening in the birdcage and fuse.

Using a 1 inch circle die, cut out the bottom right corner from the gold fabric.

Place the birdcage on top of the gold print fabric and mark the location of the white fabric square. Cut a 1 inch square from the gold fabric.

With the crafting sheet behind the gold fabric, press the birdcage, bird to the front of the gold fabric.  Top stitch the birdcage and around the edge of the fold fabric as desired

Following the manufacturer’s instructions; place the copper tape, and LED sticker on top of the green print fabric, being sure to center the LED sticker under the birdcage. The cell battery will be placed within the circle cutout on the bottom right corner. Note: The copper tape at the start of the circuit will be placed directly on top of the green print fabric and then covered with a piece of the black conductive plastic sheet, then the battery, it will end with the copper tape being placed on top of the cell battery. The cell battery will then be covered with the 1 1/4 inch green felt circle. 

Using the point of your iron, fuse the green felt circle around the outside edges of the battery to secure temporarily. Carefully stitch around the 1 1/4 inch circle, encasing the battery permanently. Press your finger over the circle and apply pressure and the birdcage should light up. Test this before stitching the circle.

Trim the edge of the green fabric using pinking shears and cutting slightly away from the gold fabric and battery, leaving a border approximately 1/4 inch wide.

Fuse the green print fabric to the top of the green felt rectangle. Fuse the green rectangle to the cardstock backing. Do this very carefully so as not to damage the circuit.

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