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How can you create a Banners of Hope event?

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I recently wrote a Sewing Savvy newsletter discussing the who, what, where and why you might want to get involved and consider hosting your very own Banners of Hope event. Here is the link to the newsletter: Sewing Savvy Banners of Hope 

There are active links to access downloadable documents such as signage, media posts, to do check  lists and much more.

While you are thinking about it, I thought I would feature a couple of lovely banners some of my designing friends submitted to the Craft and Hobby Banners of Hope event held in Anaheim this past January.


Banner of Hope by Keri Sallee

I asked Keri to tell me a little about the process of creating this banner and this is her story:

For me, this piece is very personal. I am one of those people who leans toward being a worrier. Some people would say that with my history I almost have the “right” to worry, but constantly worrying about what “might” happen is so draining. I wanted to create a piece that people could look at and have it speak to them…to tell them that it is OK to just take a minute, clear your mind and BREATHE. To let go for just a bit and take a moment to remind yourself that it will not always be this way and to have peace in the middle of the storm. I think that is why the colors are blues and greens, which make people feel calm, but with hints of darker browns and greens. It’s almost symbolic of the whole idea of the banner…to have peace and be calm even when the storm is circling around you.

The process was actually kind of funny. I was sitting there…staring at my blank banner and I had an idea and saying in mind (completely different from this…very 3-D), but I couldn’t find a starting point. So decided just to grab my favorite Tattered Angels and just lay them out and not think too much. Then…I stared at a colorful background and still didn’t know where to start (LOL.) My husband came in and looked at my “abstract” background and says “that kind of looks like a face.” I was like “WHAT?” And he pointed out a few key places that indeed could have been facial features. So…I went with it. I was nervous because I had never painted a face EVER, but once I started I knew this is exactly what my banner was suppose to be.

 The banner is made on the canvas that was provided and was painted with white and black acrylic paints and Tattered Angels Glams, Mists and Glazes.

Keri’s blog address is: www.thecreativelifear.blogspot.com


Next we have a fun Banner of Hope created by Ana Araujo from When Creativity Knocks.


Banner of Hope by Ana Araujo

I had a lot of gloves left from when I was working on my book: Felt From The Heart and decided that they might fit in perfectly. I had seen pictures of when people hold their hands up to make a heart, so, I thought “I wonder if I could do that with a glove on the banner”. Hope From The Heart can have so many meaning for different people; heath, love, family, etc.

Well Ana, I love with your concept,your Banner and your excellent use of art studio extras.  You will find Ana’s blog at:  www.GiveMeGlitter.com

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned as I am asking other Banner Makers to tell me their story.


By the way Charity Wings is busy arranging the travelling display of Banners of Hope and I will be posting photos and more details as these wonderful fabric creations of Hope start their journey.



  1. These posts will educate and inspire our brides to create easy event banner décor yourself! Specially I really like your graphics design ideas.

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