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Witchy Poo Boots with oly-fun*

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Witchy Poo Boots

Witchy Poo Boots

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorating; tuck Witchy Poo Boots under a doorway, furniture, over a cupboard door in your car trunk or anywhere else you think might be fun. Weighted base holds them in place. Happy Halloween everyone.

Supplies & Tools:


  • Using the patterns provided cut out four boot pieces.  To request a pdf of the Witchy Poo pattern simply leave a comment asking for one and I’ll do my best to send you the pattern in a timely fashion as my mother used to say. 
  • Stitch rick rack to each of the boot fronts and stitch lines along heels as indicated on the pattern.
  • With right sides together stitch each of the boots together. Clip curves, turn right side out & press
  • Insert fiberfill into boots leaving a 2” space along the top edges.
  • Pin two 8 x 18 inch sections of Oly-fun™ to top edges of the boots, right sides together. Stitch along the sides and bottom edges of the rectangle. Note: Space the boots 2 inches apart. Turn right side, press then top stitch.
  • Stitch along the top edge, leaving a 2 inch opening. Stitch a second row 2 inches down from the first row, forming a channel to fill with Poly-Pellets®.
  • Fill the channel with Poly-Pellets® then stitch the opening closed.
  • Hand stitch buttons along front edges of boots.

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Please note:  I was provided product from Fairfield Processing to complete the project.




  1. Hi Lorine,

    I just found your site while I was perusing the Fairfield World site. I just LOVE your Witchy Poo Boots and would LOVE to have a .pdf of the Witchy Poo pattern. They’re adorable and I’m in the mood to update my Halloween decorations 🙂

    Many Thanks,

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  3. I just found your site while I was getting the Diving Elf Legs for Christmas Décor would love to have that pattern & your Witchy Poo Boots. Love, love, love these décor items so very clever & and cute. Halloween is coming & so is Christmas. Woo Hoo!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration,


  4. I just love this and would love to have a pdf of the Witchy Poo pattern. I live in a building for senior’s and I can just see this sticking out from under my door and listen to the reactions.

  5. The boots are so cute. I would love to have the pattern so I can have it for when I get some grandkids. We always decorated for Halloween and the boots would be perfect. My decorations are pretty old now.

    Thank You

  6. Sewing for Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It would also make a great gift. I would appreciate the pattern to the witch boots. Thank you for being so creative.

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