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Sewing Accessory Tote with JOY lettering

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Sewing Scissor ToteOne can never have enough bags and totes to carry all those necessary items one needs when going to a sewing retreat. I thought since I used this fun scissor fabric I would utilize this tote for my cutting tools. I liked the idea of placing a bold monogram on my tote and the iron on letters provided by JOY USA worked perfectly. 


Joy letters of your choice

1/4 yard natural canvas fabric

1/4 yard of cotton print fabric

1/4 yard iron on medium weight interfacing

One 10″ zipper

1/4 yard of 1/4 inch ribbon or cord

Basic Sewing, Cutting, Pressing and Measuring supplies and tools

How to:

Cut the following:

Canvas Fabric (top panels) – cut two rectangles of canvas fabric 6″ x 12″

Print Fabric – (bottom panels) cut two rectangles 6″ x 12″,  (lining) one rectangle 21″ x 12″ , (zipper tabs) two rectangles 1″ x 3″

Interfacing – cut four rectangles 6″ x 12″

  1. Following the manufacturer’s directions, fuse the  interfacing to the back of the canvas and print fabric of similar size.
  2. With right sides together, stitch the top panels to the bottom panels. Press the seams towards the bottom panels. Note: All seams unless otherwise noted are 1/2″
  3. Top stitch along the horizontal seams, stitching 1/4 inch away from the seam line.
  4. Attach a zipper foot to your machine. Place one zipper strip on each end of the zipper, right sides together. Open up the zipper and stitch right up against the tabs on either end. Stitch the zipper tabs in place, sewing the seam along both the top and bottom zipper stops. Press the zipper tabs away from the zipper at each end.
  5. Turn under 1/2 inch along the top edges of the front and back panels. Center the zipper between the two panels. The zipper should be placed appx. 1/4 inch away from the zipper teeth. Stitch the zipper in place..
  6. Trim away excess fabric from the tabs, trimming them even with the sides of the tote.
  7. Open the zipper halfway. With right sides together, fold the two panels, aligning the bottom hem and sides. Pin, then stitch.
  8. Center JOY lettering on the front of the tote and following the manufacturer’s directions fuse in place.
  9. Boxing the corners: Fold the corners of the tote so the side and bottom seams align, forming triangles. Measure 2 inches in from the points of the triangle and draw a line across the corners. Stitch along the drawn lines.  Trim 1/2 inch away from the stitched lines. Turn the tote right side out.
  10. Fold the lining in half, right sides together. Stitch along both sides. Press a crease line along the bottom edge. (this will aid in the next step)
  11. Following the instructions above, box the corners of the lining.
  12. Turn under the top edge of the lining 3/4 of an inch and press.
  13. Insert the lining into the bag, wrong sides together and slip stitch the lining in place next to the zipper. Note: Leave the inside corners of the lining free to allow for some ease.
  14. Fold ribbon or cord in half and insert into zipper pull. Tie the ribbon ends together.

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