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Quilt for Mackenzie Christine

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Jelly rollOh what to do with a partial jelly roll of colorful fabrics. My nephew Graham and his girlfriend just had a brand new baby, Mackenzie Christine and I will make a quilt. Graham is extra special to me as he and his sister lived next door to my family. My brother and his wife purchased the house next to ours not long after we moved to a small town in Manitoba. It was a perfect fit as our children spent five years of their lives growing up together before we were transferred out of the area. It was wonderful adventure living next door and everyone found it to be a hard move.

On to the jelly roll( groupings of 2 1/2″ strips of fabric).  My good friend, Eileen Hull met up with Amanda Herring,the fabrics designer at Quilt Market show in Houston and Amanda sent Eileen home with some fabric to see what she would come up with using her cutting dies and a Sizzix machine. Previously, I was introduced to Amanda through the Fabric Arts Council while I was working on the Banners of Hope project for CHA. While working the booth at Banners of Hope, Amanda sent me home with some cake squares (10″ inch squares of fabric) of the same fabric it turn out. Eileen and I were talking one day and realized we had the same fabric line. I suggested we trade as the strips did not really work with the dies she creates and I thought I could make good use of them.

So I started to sew strips of fabric together which quite quickly got boring so I decided to start slashing them apart and I seemed to like that better. Now you probably think I had an idea in mind as I did this – I hate to break this to you but I had no idea what I was going to do other than sew the strips together to make a quilt top. Quilt TopOnce the top was completed I decided to embroider Mackenzie’s name on the left and Sew Baby Girl on the right side. I used red thread and did a simple back-stitch. Now I was ready to add the backing. Since I still had five cake squares of fabric remaining I used them on the back along with some white cotton.  Next is to connect my walking foot onto my sewing machine and get busy quilting.

Quilt featuring Amanda Herring fabric

 I am happy to say that the quilt is finished and ready to ship to the new parents. I hope they like it.  Thank you Amanda Herring for designing such cute fabric.


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