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Pleated Ribbon Pillow

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Turn simple grosgrain ribbon into a gorgeous pleated pillow masterpiece. A little math and you are on your way with complete diagrams and step by step directions.  I promise it is not that difficult.


Offray grosgrain ribbon – 3″ wide Navy & White, Buttons,Poly-fil® pillow form or Poly-fil® premium polyester stuffing, 1/2 yard of cotton fabric plus basic sewing, cutting and ironing supplies.

How to:

Determine the finished pillow size. To do this, take into consideration the width of the ribbon ie: Ribbon that is 3″ wide when folded will create folded  designs 3″ square. Use multiples of the 3 inches when deciding the finished size of the pillow you wish to create. The featured pillow is 15 x 21 inches.

A.  Cut ribbon three times longer than the width of the finished pillow plus 6 inches. ie: finished pillow will be 21 wide , cut ribbon 3 x 21 + 6 = 69 inches.  The pillow will be 15 inches in height so you will need 5 rows of ribbon. Starting 3″ inches from one end, place marks on the top and bottom edges of the ribbon, spacing the marks 3 inches apart. Note: If you were using a different width of ribbon you would alter the length of the spaces to match the width of the ribbon.

B. Fold the first set of markings to match the second set of markings and pin. Fold the third set of markings back towards the second set and pin. This is the first box pleat. Continue folding from left to right and then right to left until you have created the required number of box pleats. In the case of the project pillow that number would be seven.

C.  Using a thread and needle; Stitch through the center of each pleat, being sure to stitch through all layers of the ribbon. Note: The stitching is marked in red on the diagram.

D.  Turn the pleated ribbon over to what will become the front.

E.  Bring the top and bottom edges of the ribbon to meet at the center point, secure by stitching a button through all layers of the ribbon.

F.  Lay the completed strip of pleated ribbon over the top of another length of ribbon. In the case of the project, a contrasting color was used.

G.  Cut a length of fabric for the pillow front 1″ larger than the length and width of the pillow. ie: Finished pillow will be 15″ x 21″. Cut pillow front 16″ x 22″. Center the ribbon strips on top of the pillow front fabric. Stitch between and at the center of each of the pleated areas. Be sure to stitch through all layers of the ribbon and fabric.

H.  Cut two pieces of fabric for the pillow backing. Cut one the height of the pillow plus 1 inch x the width of the pillow plus 8 inches. Cut the second piece the height of the pillow plus 1 inch x the width of the pillow + 3 inches. ie: The project pillow is 15″ x 21″, cut one piece 15″ + 1″ = 16″ by 21″ + 8 = 29″ cut the second piece 15″ +1″ = 16″ by 21″ +3 = 24″. Turn over 1 inch along one of the side edges of each piece and press. Turn over a second time and top stitch.

I.  With the pillow front laying face up on a flat surface, cover with the two pillow back sections, overlapping the center edges. Stitch around the outside edge. Clip corners and turn right side out. Insert pillow form.

Depending on the finished size of the pillow you may not be able to purchase a pillow form. To make a custom size of  pillow form; cut two pieces of cotton fabric 1 inch larger than the width and length of the finished pillow. With right sides together, stitch around the outside edges, leaving a 4 inch opening. Clip corners and turn right side out. Fill with poly-fil® premium polyester stuffing to desired fullness. Stitch the opening closed. Insert the pillow form into finished pillow.

Pleated Ribbon Pillow

 Pleated Ribbon Pillow

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