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Microwave Heat Bowls

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Microwave Heat Bowls Final


With the cold weather approaching, it seems like the perfect time to stir up some of your favorite soups and stews for family and friends. Straight from the pot to my bowl is my favorite way to eat hot foods but my second favorite is leftovers. I use my microwave to heat up those delicious leftovers and I must admit I have burnt my fingers a time or two while retrieving that hot bowl of goodness from the microwave. These Microwave Heat Bowl covers fit perfectly around a soup bowl and stay cool enough to protect your fingers and your hands. I like to heat and eat my soup with the cover wrapped around my bowl. When finished I simply remove the cover and wash out my bowl. If I manage to spill a little, remember the covers are totally washable. Here’s how to make some of your very own….

Supplies:  100%Cotton everything – Two 10 inch squares of coordinating 100% cotton fabrics, Two 9″ squares of Soft & Toasty  100% cotton batting, 100% cotton thread, Sewing Machine, Iron, Fabric Marker, and Basic Sewing Supplies.

How To:

A.  Cut out fabric and batting as directed above.

B.  Layer batting on top of each of the fabric squares wrong side. Mark, then Stitch an x and + through both the layers of the batting and the fabric. Repeat using the second piece of fabric and batting.

C.  Fold the stitched square in half and place a mark 1″ out from the centerfold along the top edge. Place a second mark 2 1/4 inches down the center stitching line. Draw a line connecting the two marks, creating a dart. Stitch along the marked line. Repeat marking and stitching, creating a total of four darts. Repeat to create darts using the second piece of stitched fabric.

D.   Trim away the bulk of the darts and press.

E.  With right sides together, stitch the two pieces of fabric together, leaving an opening along one edge. Trim corners and turn right side out. Press well.

F.  Hand stitch the opening closed. Top stitch around the Microwave Bowl Cover, sewing 1/2″ away from the outside edge to secure all layers of the fabric and the batting together.


Microwave Heat Bowls




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