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Holiday Hot Pads

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Robert Kaufman Fat Quarters WatermarkedNothing says the holidays like homemade whether from your sewing machine or your oven and giving from your heart is always a good thing. Using these beautiful Robert Kaufman Winter’s Grandeur by Studio RK prints made choosing the prints to incorporate somewhat difficult. Creating sets of these fun hot pads is fairly simply, follow the step by step directions and in no time you will have a set all your own.  

Supplies:  Robert Kaufman Winter’s Grandeur by Studio RK, poly-fil®Natural Cotton Batting, Jumbo rick rack, Double fold bias tape or create your own, Sewing machine, iron and basic sewing and cutting tools.


How to:

Robert Kaufman Fat Quarters3

Create a pattern using a piece of paper and cutting two 10″ x 7″ rectangles. Round the corners. Set one pattern piece aside (hot pad) and trim away 3 ” from the top edge of the second rectangle (hot pad pocket). Using the 10″ x 7″ pattern cut four rectangles from the fabric assortment and four pieces from the batting. Using the 7″ x 7″ pattern cut out four rectangles from the fabric assortment and two pieces from the batting. If creating your own bias tape, cut multiple 2″ wide bias strips.

Robert Kaufman Fat Quarters5

Lay the two pocket pieces right sides out  with the batting between.  Open the folds of the bias tape and sew to the back side of the pocket. Stitch, then press up from the seam line. Sew rick rack to the front side of the pocket using the seam line as a guide for placement.

Robert Kaufman Fat Quarters6

Refold the bias tape and topstitch over the seamline, securing the rick rack trim. Layer the hot pad pieces right sides out with the two layers of batting between. Lay the pocket on top of the hot pad and baste around the outside edges.

Robert Kaufman Fat Quarters2Pin or use clips to secure the bias binding to the edges of the hot pad, gently stretching the binding around the corners of the hot pad. Press as you work. Turn under the raw edge of the bias tape and overlap the ends. Top stitch around the circumference of the hot pad.

Robert Kaufman Fat Quarters

Topstitch along both edges of a 16″ length of bias tape. Fold in half and stitch to the top of the hot pad, covering the overlapped seam.

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