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Embroidered Baby Ornaments

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Are you looking for some great Handmade Holiday Gift ideas? If so, you have come by at just the right time. Some of my favorite bloggers and generally super creative friends have put together a plethora of ideas for you to choose from when looking for your next project. Here is just a glimpse of what you will find as you hop through the idea catalogue. As you scroll past the 99+ graphic you will find my contribution to the hop. Embroidered Baby Ornaments……

99 Handmade Holiday Gifts from your favorite DIY bloggers

 And here you are…get ready for some fast and easy sewing while creating these sure to be a wonderful edition to any tree…. Easy instructions linked to my step by step diagrams will assure success at every turn.

  Embroidered Baby Ornaments Final

What can be more exciting than a new baby celebrating their first Christmas? Babies are exciting and whether it is their first Christmas or the first Christmas that you get to meet them, it needs to be remembered with a special Christmas ornament. I chose a soft palette of colors for this duo of baby inspired ornaments and Yes, I was thinking of the latest addition to our growing family, who happens to be a girl. Choose your own color palette and with the addition of  some of your favorite embroidery stitches, built right into your sewing machine, this project will take little time and will no doubt become a holiday favorite.




Pattern, Wool blend felt in assorted colors,poly-fil® polyester fiberfill, HeatnBond® iron-on adhesive, Ribbon, Pompoms, Buttons, Embroidery Floss & needle. Sewing machine, Iron and Basic sewing supplies


How to:


Note: Directions are the same for both ornaments


A.  Cut out a front and back of the ornament from green felt using the pattern provided. Cut out the bib pocket from green felt.


B.   Sew parallel lines of decorative stitching on the white felt.  Fuse iron-on adhesive to the back of the embroidered felt.


C.  Using the pattern piece labelled ’embroidered front’ cut out from the white felt.


D. Fuse iron-on adhesive to the back of a piece of pink felt. Remove the paper backing from the embroidered cut out and iron to a piece of pink felt, leaving a 1/4 inch space around the outside edge.


E. Cut around the embroidered felt cut out leaving a 1/8 inch border of pink felt showing.


F.  Remove the paper backing from the pink felt. Center the pink felt cut out on top of one of the green felt pieces cut earlier and fuse, creating the ornament front.


G.  Lay the ornament front on top of the remaining green felt cut out, right sides out.


H.  Sew a blanket stitch using the embroidery thread and needle around the outside edges of the ornament, stitching the two pieces together and leaving the neckline open.


I.  Attach the front pocket by sewing a blanket stitch around the outside edges, leaving the top edge open. Fill the ornament with poly-fil stuffing and sew the opening closed. Embellish the ornament using the ribbon, buttons and/or the pompoms. Create a hanging loop using additional ribbon. Refer to the project photo for ideas.



Embroidered Baby Ornaments

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