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Christmas Greenery Storage with oly-fun*

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Christmas Greenery Storage with oly-fun™ Final

The holidays are officially over and it is getting close to the time for our annual family event entitled ‘ Mom is having us over to dinner so we can help put away Christmas ornaments”. I will say however that the family is getting harder and harder to convince that they should help as they now have their own homes. Oh well, I guess it just might be my husband and I at this upcoming annual event. Now what to make for dinner to convince him this will be a good idea.

Part of the holiday tradition is packing the decorations up in nice, neat storage containers. I wanted something special for the lighted garland I purchased this year and oly-fun* was the perfect fabric to use when creating this simple drawstring bag. I created this quick tutorial just in case you would like to make one as well.

Supplies for Christmas Greenery Storage:

  • oly*fun™ Cherry Pop, Kiwi & Clover
  • Grosgrain Ribbon – 1 1/2 yards of 1 inch wide
  • Materials to make tag (optional)
  • Basic Sewing Supplies; Sewing machine, Iron, Pressing cloth,  Needle & Thread, Large safety pin, etc.

Instructions for Christmas Greenery Storage:

When pressing oly*fun:  Set your iron to the silk setting and always use a pressing cloth. Never touch a hot iron directly to oly*fun™. Both sides of oly*fun™ may be considered the right side of the fabric, the choice really is yours to make, however be consistent for a more finished look. All seams will be 1/2 inch unless otherwise indicated in the instructions.

A:  Cut the following pieces from oly*fun™  Cut two 20 inch by 42 inch lengths of  15(h)” x 22(w)” rectangles, one each from Cherry Pop and Clover. Cut one 1 1/2 inch by 44 inch rectangle from Kiwi.

B.  With right sides together; stitch together the Cherry Pop and Clover rectangles, stitching along the 42 inch sides.

C.  Press the seam to one side and top stitch.

D. Turn over the top edge of the bag 2 inches and press.

E.  With right sides together, stitch the center back seam.

F.  Press the seam open and finger press a crease along the sides of the bag.

G.   Box the bottom corners of the bag by folding the bottom seam line flat matching it to the sides (creased line made earlier). Stitch across the bottom fold on either side, measuring down 2 1/2 inches from the point.

H.  Turn under 1 inch at either end of the Kiwi rectangle cut earlier. Pin it to the bag, 1 1/2 inches down from the top edge. Top stitch along either side forming a casing. 

I.  Insert the ribbon through the casing. Thread the ribbon through the casing using a large pin attached to one end of the ribbon.  Decorate your bag with a handmade tag if desired.

Christmas Greenery Storage with oly-fun™Christmas Greenery Storage with oly-fun™

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