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Banners of Hope goes on the road!

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My good friend, Debra Quartermain and I have know each other for some time now. We actually met on the elevator at a Society of Craft Designer convention. We were both newbies to the convention and it was truly friends at first sight. Debra is someone you will definitely remember once you have met her as she is such a sweet soul. A very talented lady with a big heart. She was one of the first designers to jump on the Banners of Hope train and her banner was one of my favourites. I asked Debra to tell me about her Banner of Hope recently and here is her story….

Living where it is winter for a third of the year I was inspired to incorporate snowflakes into my Banner. Each snowflake is unique just as each person is. Sometimes we forget that and I wanted everyone who saw my banner to remember each person is unique, each person is special. When we remember that, believe it brings hope.
The cozy felt contrasts with the theme of the Banner and the bear was meant to bring a smile especially for children who would be seeing the Banner. Just as snowflakes melt this Banner was meant to bring hope to a discouraged  heart.
Banners of Hope is headed to Canada and I am so proud. It is like watching your children step onto the school bus for the first time. I just wish I could be there to take photos just as I did when the girls went off to school.  Debra completed another wonderful banner to send along on the journey across Canada. To hear the story behind this banner check out her blog

Banner of Hope by Debra Quartermain


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