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Banners of Hope featured in Craft Industry Today Magazine

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CIT article


Hot off the presses at Craft Industry Today is an article featuring the Banners of Hope project and yours truly. The editors over at the trade magazine did a great job editing my original (no doubt too long) submission and I am over the top excited. You cannot purchase Craft Industry Today off store racks as it is trade magazine that comes along with my membership to the Craft and Hobby Association I decided just in case you are interested and have jumped on the Banners of Hope band wagon to step out the banner featured in the article. Here goes.

CIT Step 1Collect your supplies: 9 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ piece of white canvas, variegated thread, fabric to cover buttons, cutting tools, sewing machine and an iron and of course supplies from Dritz :

Iron-On Letters, Anorak snaps, Fusible bonding web, and Half Ball Cover Buttons.

CIT Step 2

Step 1

 Turn under ¾” along edges of banner, insert fusible web tape and press well.  Turn under top edge 2” and press, forming a rod pocket. The finished size of the banner will be 8″ x 12″. Follow manufacturer’s directions to attach five snaps, centering them along the front of the banner. See photo for placement.

CIT Step 3

Step 2

Iron letters to fabric. Cover buttons, centering the letters and following the manufacturer’s directions.

CIT Step 4

Step 3

Create visual interest on the banners surface using variegated thread and decorative stitches on your sewing machine.

Banner of Hope CIT Article by Lorine Mason

Step 4

Attach buttons and add additional snaps.

For additional inspirtion check out my Pinterest Page Banners of Hope  For more information about Banners of Hope check out www.craftandhobby.org/boh




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