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Lorine Mason

Lorine Mason

Lorine Mason is a licensed product designer, an accomplished project designer, the author of thirteen ‘how to’ sewing and crafting books and three pattern lines.

Her work can be found in print and in on-line publications. She has presented classes at national tradeshows, taught at the local store level and created videos for manufacturers. Lorine currently works with numerous manufacturers within the craft and hobby industry as a consultant working with product and project design, instruction writing and packaging. An eye for detail, innovative project design, trend awareness and hard work are the corner stones of her business; Lorine Mason Designs.


It’s Sew Lorine©, is a brand, a blog and a lifestyle. As an avid sewer, she loves to inspire others to create unique home made sewn items with a creative twist.


What's New on the Blog...

Heading to CHA in Los Angeles

Here is a peek at my new business poster. I am picking it up from the printers this afternoon and starting the packing process. It is going to be a busy time in LA. I am not only showing in the License and Design section of the show ( Booth 4840) if you are in […]

Triple Play Blog Hop – The final project – this time anyway!

Christmas is around the corner and I am running to get there. I apoligise for missing the last two hops but my excuse is bound to bring oohs and awhs from most of you as well as perhaps as Oh you poor baby!. I was on a cruise with my hubby and frankly blog hopping […]

Foam Frame

Thanks Eileen for creating this fun frame. I however did not know what you had intended it to look like so I made art. Double stick foam dots were used to add the painted pieces to become my art piece. Really simple and kinda cute.  

The Perfect Hairband for Fall

Fall is here and with the windy days and all that leaf raking I like to wear a hairband so that my hair stays somewhat out of my face. I used a dollar store hairband (7 for $1 actually) and tore off the horrible fabric if was covered with and then wrapped it with fabric […]

Triple Play Bloghop – Twist cube

Good Morning Everyone, This is going to be quick as I am headed off to volunteer at a Wounded Warriors Event in Fairfax, VA. We will be sewing up a storm – not unlike our ancestors who rolled bandages to help during previous conflicts. It’s Veteran’s Day or Remembrance Day in Canada and a time […]

Triple Play Bloghop – Candy Stripe House

We’re up and running…. What fun – I have to tell you a little story about my house. Recently I spent a day decorating a store front with my good friend, Cyndi. Well as you can imagine I was covered in glitter upon returning home soooo… I decided this was the time to decorate my […]

Upcoming bloghop

Having a Halloween Party in the next week or so? I could not resist lacing up Eileen’s cupcake die to create corsets for my delicious cupcakes. So Simple – honestly! Punch some holes – lace them up and add some metallic accents with a silver rub-on product. Slip in the cupcake of your choice and […]

Trying to design around computer issues

It seems once again I have been sidelined by my ineffective use of my computer. It does not come natural to me. At every turn I feel frustrated as I could have done it by hand faster than by computer. I am sure I seem like a dinosaur to many of you

Visiting with like-minded business women

Recently I had the opportunity to drive up to Maryland with Eileen Hull to visit with Tiffany Windsor, Heidi Borchers and Candice Liccone. It was a true pleasure and really an inspiring afternoon as each of these ladies talked about their businesses, the past and what the future might bring….. We might have different paths […]


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lorine Mason for quite a few years. Lorine is the consummate professional designer who has worked with Beacon on several sold-out workshops for various Craft & Hobby Association trade show.  She’s an excellent and well-prepared demonstrator, always creative and inspirational with her students.  Lorine has never missed a deadline and is absolutely reliable no matter what the project. She is extremely well respected in the industry and has volunteered her time to serve on committees to foster positive relationships between designers and manufacturers.

Diane Newman Marketing Manager Beacon Adhesives

Lorine is the consummate designing professional. Her talent for creative ideas is matched by her follow-through and attention to details. I admire her skills and am amazed to watch her constantly expand her design techniques. She listens carefully to the needs of her clients and delivers the goods. Lorine is also in close touch with consumers and designs to their needs and wants. Lorine is your “go to” person if you want a job done right.

Julie Stephani CEO & Editorial Director Stephani Ink


Banners of Hope

Banners of Hope was the brainchild of Lorine Mason and Elena Etcheverry from Charity Wings. Coordinating with the Fabric Arts Council of CHA, click here to learn more. Lorine worked to establish Banners of Hope as an ongoing project to advance sewing within the crafting industry. Banners of Hope is about creating an art piece through sewing and crafting techniques on a 9” x 12” fabric banner. The art is inspired by Hope and the maker’s vision of what that means to them. Banners are displayed in hospitals, shelters and other public venues offering hope and inspiration to all who are witness. For additional information contact Lorine.