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Frozen Blooms

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Frozen Blooms Wreath Photo Watermarked

This post is all about things you love….I love oly-fun by Fairfield Processing and to add to that, the color palette is just yummy. I came up with this wreath because I also love winter. OK – I understand it is not everyone’s favourite season but I am originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and man you better love winter or you are in a whole lot of trouble. Now living where I live now (Virginia) might play a factor into my continued love of Winter a bit more but to me it is all about the white, clean crispness of the weather and ultimately the snow.

You might at first glance think this wreath has something to do with the Disney® movie entitled Frozen®…..I have never seen it and while I have heard it is wonderful, trust me it is about ice and snow and nothing more. Here is the diagram of step outs to walk you through the process. If you would like a detailed set of instructions check out the post on the Fairfield blog

Frozen Blooms Wreath


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