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Creating an Interactive Quilt Label Step by Step

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My Quilt Project

Have you created something handmade for someone very special in your life and you need just the right label. I think I found it with StoryPatches by stkr.it I decided to create this tutorial to walk anyone who might be intersted in attaching an interactive quilt label through the steps.


This is what a package of StoryPatches look like on your store shelves. You receive either one iron on or one sew in label per package. Open the package and attach the label to your project following the manufacturer’s directions.IMG_1025

The next step is to upload the absolutely free app onto your smart device. This is my iPhone and the stkr.it app is located along the top row of icons. Once the app is uploaded, tap on the icon and the screen will open.IMG_1023

After a welcome the screen opens and well, welcomes you, the next screen will look like this…Simply Tap to Scan the code on your brand new label as directed. IMG_1026

This is what the screen will look like while the code is being scanned. IMG_1027

The screen will ask you what kind of media you would like to upload. I chose audio, therefore tapped that icon.IMG_1028

The next screen asks if you would like to upload an existing audio recording (located in your stkr.it library) or if you would like to launch the recorder on your smart device. IMG_1029

Tap the record button and speak from the heart or prepare a script prior to recording and read off of that document. The choice is yours and don’t worry you get multiple chances to start over. IMG_1030

So you love what you recorded. Take a moment and add a caption. Next tap SAVE.photoSuccess!! You are done. Your audio recording is now linked to the code on the project. What is even better is that if down the road you decide you would like to change the message, simply go back into your library at stkr.it and opt to change the message linked to the code. Now that is cool! IMG_1036

If you would like to hear something I uploaded to a code based on my experience with StoryPatches and stkr.it, scan this code with your cellphone and away you go.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this fun product!



It takes a village wallhanging

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It takes a village quilted wallhanging by Lorine Mason

It takes a Village quilted wallhanging by Lorine Mason

I attended a baby shower for my niece, Serena recently and decided that along with a selection of books to start a library for her upcoming additions to the family I would give her a quilted wallhanging I call It takes a village. Each and everyone of us has been touched by our neighbours, our family members and our surroundings. It helps make us who we turn out to be in then end. The fact that Serena and her husband John will be travelling the world due to his commitment to the US Air Force, made this gift perfect in my eyes. I hope the twins enjoy the fun buttons, hand stitching and whimsical nature of this wallhanging as much as I did while stitching and embellishing it….

stkr.it iron on quilt label

I added a StoryPatch iron on label to the quilt backing to finish off my project, to make it just that little bit more special. Serena and her husband will be uploading their thoughts to the QR code very soon and it will remain with their family as the years come and go.