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Creating an Interactive Quilt Label Step by Step

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My Quilt Project

Have you created something handmade for someone very special in your life and you need just the right label. I think I found it with StoryPatches by stkr.it I decided to create this tutorial to walk anyone who might be intersted in attaching an interactive quilt label through the steps.


This is what a package of StoryPatches look like on your store shelves. You receive either one iron on or one sew in label per package. Open the package and attach the label to your project following the manufacturer’s directions.IMG_1025

The next step is to upload the absolutely free app onto your smart device. This is my iPhone and the stkr.it app is located along the top row of icons. Once the app is uploaded, tap on the icon and the screen will open.IMG_1023

After a welcome the screen opens and well, welcomes you, the next screen will look like this…Simply Tap to Scan the code on your brand new label as directed. IMG_1026

This is what the screen will look like while the code is being scanned. IMG_1027

The screen will ask you what kind of media you would like to upload. I chose audio, therefore tapped that icon.IMG_1028

The next screen asks if you would like to upload an existing audio recording (located in your stkr.it library) or if you would like to launch the recorder on your smart device. IMG_1029

Tap the record button and speak from the heart or prepare a script prior to recording and read off of that document. The choice is yours and don’t worry you get multiple chances to start over. IMG_1030

So you love what you recorded. Take a moment and add a caption. Next tap SAVE.photoSuccess!! You are done. Your audio recording is now linked to the code on the project. What is even better is that if down the road you decide you would like to change the message, simply go back into your library at stkr.it and opt to change the message linked to the code. Now that is cool! IMG_1036

If you would like to hear something I uploaded to a code based on my experience with StoryPatches and stkr.it, scan this code with your cellphone and away you go.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this fun product!



Urban Doodles Cross Body Tote

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Urban Doodles Crossbody Tote by Lorine Mason

Urban Doodles machine embroidery designs are brand new and now available through OESD. The designs while great as is can be painted, inked or colored in with fabric markers and this is what I have done with this example. I used Dye-na-Flow to paint in the embroidered stitch-outs of the Lilies and then used additional dye to color in my background. Here is how I created my background fabric to create this fun tote.

Urban Doodles Crossbody Tote Painting Background1

Using a paintbrush, water and Dye-na-flow, I first applied water to my background fabric and then dipped my damp paintbrush into the dye. I brushed the dye into the fabric and let it flow across the fabric. I continued adding water and dye covering the entire surface of  the fabric.

Urban Doodles Crossbody Tote Painted Background2

Do not be afraid to add more dye or water to create the depth of color your desire.

Urban Doodles Crossbody Tote Painted Background3

Let dry for 10 minutes and then lay paper towel across the surface of the wet dye and blot. Remove the paper towel and add a clean piece, blotting until the paper towel comes away clean.

Urban Doodles Crossbody Tote Painted Background4

Sandwich the fabric between clean paper towel and press to set the dye. The iron should be set on cotton. Remove the paper towel and press once again.

Next I used a  Fabric Pen to create a crosshatch pattern across the surface of the painted fabric.

Choose your favorite pattern and cut out and sew your tote. I used a combination of embroidered, inked and painted fabric and a coordinating batik fabric to create my tote.

Urban Doodles Crossbody Tote Applying Studs

I finished off my tote with the addition of hot fix half ball studs. I added one to the top of each penned in crosshatch.

Urban Doodles Crossbody Tote Applying Studs CloseUp

Here is a close-up of the painting, crosshatching and hot fix studs. It’s a fun project and I hope you too enjoy painting your Urban Doodles designs and creating your very own totes, bags and purses.


Urban Doodles Embroidery Designs

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Urban Doodles Embroidery Design Wall Art by Lorine Mason

My new line of sewing machine embroidery designs are officially available for sale and I decided that I would create a number of projects using various stitch outs of the designs. In this project I simply stitched out the tulips available in the Floral Fantasy collection #80030 onto a white canvas duck and then used Dye-na-Flow by Jacquard to paint in the flowers. There will be a video on my techniques coming soon.  Once the dye was dry and I had set in the color following the manufacturer’s directions I went shopping for a frame.

I found this one at a local craft store, I loved all the swirls and the fact that it was laser cut wood. While the frame would be quite easy to paint, I decided since the shelving in my studio is a natural color that I would leave it just as it came from the store.

I measured the back opening, giving myself an extra 1/4″ (the frame’s scrollwork cut outs allowed me only a 1/4″ so this is the number I used) and I trimmed my fabric stitchout using this measurement. I left the stabilizer on the back of my stitchout as I felt it gave the piece more body. Next I applied Sticky Lines a border adhesive to the back of the frames opening. I found this product perfect for my project but you may certainly use another brand of glue or adhesive product. I then simply pressed my stitchout into the adhesive and I was done. I used removable picture hangers by Velcro to hang my art on the wall in my studio.