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Urban Doodles Flour Sack Tea Towels

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Urban Doodles Flour Sack Tea TowelsFlour Sack Tea Towel with Doodled Daisies

by Lorine Mason


Flour Sack Tea Towels

Embroidery pattern

Frixion transfer pen

Embroidery thread, needle & hoop

Rick rack trim


How to:

Press the tea towels once removing them from the package.  Choose a pattern for the embroidery. I chose to use one of my basic daisy designs.


Transfer pattern to the front of the tea towel using the Frixion pen

Transfer pattern

Add additional elements to the design by repeating the image, overlapping the images and adding doodled extras to the centers of the petals etc.

Doodle in the extras

Stitch around the designs outlines using a Back Stitch, and two stands of embroidery thread.

*Back Stitch Embroidery: To execute the backstitch, bring needle up at A, a stitch length away from the beginning of the design line. Stitch back down at B at the beginning of the line, bring needle up at C and then stitch back down to meet the previous stitch at A, and continue in this manner, working in a right to left direction.

Flour Sack Tea Towels Close Up

Fill in centers of flowers with French Knots and/or back stitched outlines using a contrasting color of thread.


*French Knots: Bring needle up at A. Wrap embroidery thread around the shaft of the needle. Insert point of needle at B, close to but not into A. Hold know down as you pull needle through to the back of the fabric.  * image shows wrapping embroidery thread around the needle two times, the embroidery thread was wrapped around the needle four times to achieve a larger knot in the projects shown.


Cut a length of rick rack 2” longer the width of the tea towel. Turn under raw ends of rick rack and sew to the back of the tea towel. Attach rick rack along the bottom edge of the tea towel using French Knots.


* To see diagrams of stitches go to http://www.clotilde.com/sewing_savvy.php