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Mollie Makes Banners of Hope contest

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Mollie Makes coverCalling all crafters. Mollie Makes ran a wonderful article in their inaugural issue featuring the Banners of Hope event held at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show in Anaheim this past January. They are currently hosting a contest asking for submissions of banners to be donated to Charity Wings for display in hospitals, shelters and other public locations offering inspirations and hope to all that see the display.  Their prize package is absolutely awesome so I encourage you to enter the contest.  For more information here is the link:

Participants in Mollie Makes’ Banners of Hope Creation Contest are eligible to win a Brother ScanNCut CM550DX and a $500 Michael’s gift. Contest details are here: http://www.molliemakesusa.com/banners-of-hope-creation-contest/.


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Urban Doodles Banner Sample

Banner of Hope by Lorine Mason

It is almost time to pack my suitcase and head to Anaheim, California for the Craft and Hobby trade show where Banners of Hope will be debuted. It has been an absolute ton of  work but there is something so satisfying in seeing your hard work come together in an event such as this one. As I have written previously, it is through the Fabric Arts Council that the Banners of Hope came to be. A simple mission statement ‘to advance the fabric arts within the crafting community.’ That is how it all began.  One of the banners I created for the project features my Urban Doodles art style and simple word HOPE. Read into it what you will. In my mind it is simply a word that might provoke a conversation about what Hope means to each of us.

Here are just a few of the wonderful banners that have been received and will hang in the Banners of Hope booth in Anaheim this week.

Stevii Graves

A Banner entitled Heal My Country by Stevii Graves

Jen Goode

Hope comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes by Jen Goode


Once you choose HOPE anything’s possible a quote from Christopher Reeve. Design by Candice Windham

Ribbon Floral Wedding Accessories

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Ribbon Wrist Corsage 12

 Ribbon Wrist Corsage by Lorine Mason


Ribbon Wrist Corsage 1


Ribbon – large flower 17 1/2 inches, small flower 12 1/2 inches, ribbon ties 2 yards each

Felt scrap; 1 ¼ inch circle and a 1  ¼ inch x ½ inch rectangle


Fabric glue, needle and thread, measuring tape, marking pen,

Ribbon Wrist Corsage 2

How To:

Mark spacing along the bottom edge of the ribbon at 3 1/2 inch intervals for large flowers and 2 1/2 inch for small flowers. (Note: if you are using wired ribbon, remove the wire from the top edge of the ribbon)

Ribbon Wrist Corsage 3

Using the needle and thread stitch along the length of the ribbon using the diagram as a guide.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage4Ribbon Wrist Corsage5

With the needle and thread still attached, carefully gather the threads forming five petals. Stitch the first and last petals together, knot and trim threads.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage6

Apply fabric glue to the back of the felt circle and glue it to the back of the large ribbon flower.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage7

Apply fabric glue to the back of the smaller flower and glue it to the top of the large flower. Apply glue to the back of the button and glue it to the center of the small flower.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage8Ribbon Wrist Corsage9

Apply fabric glue to the ends of the felt rectangle and press to the back of the felt circle. Once dry; insert ribbons through opening.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage10

Tie ribbons around your wrist to wear as a wrist corsage or simply slide onto an existing hairband. Another option is to add clips and use either as a hair adornment or make two and clip them to a favorite pair of shoes.

Ribbon Wrist Corsage 11

Perfect for a Flower Girl hairband accessory

Ribbon Wrist Corsage 12

Worn as a wrist corsage

I hope you are inspired to create something today. Thanks for stopping by,  Lorine



Making Jewelry from T Shirt Yarn

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Here is a sneak peek of the back cover of my latest book. Inexpensive supplies, basic techniques, wonderful color and fun projects. Whether you are an avid crafter or newbie; creating fun jewelry and accessory items from T Shirt strips makes for a creative afternoon.

I will be teaching a class on Jewelry & Accessory making at the upcoming Craft and Hobby Association trade show in Anaheim. We will be wrapping up a hairband, barrettes, ponytail holders and a bracelet during the class.

The book will be available for sale in early 2013. I am hoping to have advance copies in January. This book has been a work of love as I have been cutting up T Shirts every since I wrote the book, Fashion T Shirts in 2005.

Stay tuned for more information about Making Jewelry and Accessories with T Shirt Yarn.




Decorating your Holiday Tree with Thread Spools

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I was recently invited over to a good friend, Pat Sloan’s house to help her bust her stash of items collected over the past number of years. The idea of this exercise, although I must admit it turned into a party with food and drinks, was to give away items that were overwhelming her sewing studio. Anyone who works in the creative industry knows just how much ‘great stuff’ we can collect over time. There are items we purchase, items left over from free-lance jobs, items sent to us to feature on our blogs, newsletters or radio shows, and items were not even sure why we have on hand. Every once in awhile it seems, it starts to overwhelm even the most organized person.

I was firm that I was going over to connect with friends and perhaps come home with a few very special items but that I was not going to load up my car with goodies. The main thought behind this reasoning was that I just gone through a clean-out of my own studio and liked the idea of an empty shelf here and there. I took a small bag and off I went to meet up with friends, eat good food and most of all laugh. The evening was wonderful, the food great and laughter as always the best. What did I come home with you ask? Well I picked up two books which I promptly gave to a couple of ladies who stopped by my house the next day and a bag of thread. I know you were wondering what the spool decoration at the top of this post was all about…

I decided to create some spool decorations for use as party favors as I am hosting my local American Sewing Guild chapter’s holiday party next week and I know the ladies will love these.

Here is how I made them:


Thread spools with wrappers intact

Beads of various sizes – I used a thrift store necklace that I took apart with wire cutters

Bead findings such as eye pins, wire, caps to create dangles


Ornament Hangers

Fishing line

Scissors &  Wire Cutters

Remove the label from the top and/or bottom of the thread spool.

Create a dangle of beads (I cut apart a portion of the necklace) Using beads, eye pins etc.

Thread a 10″ length of fishing line through the eye pin at the top of your dangle. Insert both ends of fishing line up through the thread spool.

Insert fishing line through a large bead at the top of the spool.

Add a medium size bead and then insert one end of the fishing line through a small seed bead. Tie a double knot, wrapping the fishing line around the outside of the seed bead.

Tie fishing line around the bottom of an ornament hook and tie a double knot.

Insert both ends of the fishing line back through the seed bead and tie a double knot, trim.

Wrap a 10″ length of ribbon between the top of the spool and the large bead and tie a bow.

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Back to my roots!

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Going back to my roots during the next few weekends. I started in retail and demonstrating direct to the consumer was a big part of my job. You will be able to find me behind the table talking about the latest silk screening machine to enter the crafting world. ScreenIt by Tulip allows you to burn screens using art you have either created or perhaps a logo from your child’s school or sports team. Once you have created your screen you can use it over and over for a total of 75 times. Sound like fun, be sure to drop by and say Hi!

I will be at the following Michaels stores;

October 6th    Sterling, VA.  10 – 12 and Leesburg, VA.  2 – 4

October 13th  Vienna, VA.  10 – 12 and Fairfax, Va. 2 – 4

October 14th  Reston, VA. 10 – 12 and Fairfax, VA. 2 – 4

October 20th  Manassas, VA. 10 – 12 and Gainsville, VA. 2 – 4