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Monogrammed Bunny Bags

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Monogrammed Bunny Bags Favecrafts

Supplies for Monogrammed Bunny Bags:

Fairfield oly-fun in a variety of colors

Stick fusible web

14 inches of 1/4 inch ribbon for each bag

Sizzix® Big Shot™ die cut machine and lettering dies

Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies

How to make Monogrammed Bunny Bags:

Note:  All seams are 1/4 inch

Cut four 7 inch by 9 inch rectangles, two from white oly-fun (lining) each from two additional colors.

Cut four ears using the pattern, two from white and two from another color of your choice.

Cut out two 1 inch by 5 inch rectangles for the ribbon channels from white oly-fun.

Center white ears on top of  the larger ear cut out and stitch around the outside edge of the white. Fold the ear in half and stitch the dart closed. Repeat to create the second ear.

Place the ears onto the of the back bag pieces and baste in place. Cover with one of the lining pieces right sides together and stitch across the top edge. Turn right sides out and press.

With right sides together, stitch the bag front and lining pieces together along the top edges. Turn right sides out.

Press fusible web to the back of  oly-fun and cut out desired monograms using the die cut machine and dies.  Alternately you may hand cut monograms or other decorative shapes. Fuse to the bag front.

Center one of the drawstring channels on top of the bag front and top stitch along either side. Repeat to add the remaining ribbon channel to the bag back piece.

With right sides together, stitch the bag front and backs together along the sides and bottom edges.

Fold each of the corners together matching the bottom and side seams and draw a line 1 inch in from each of the corners. Stitch along these drawn lines. Turn the bag right side out.

Insert the ribbon through the channels, fill with goodies and tie a bow.

For a full size pattern of the bunny ears, contact Lorine directly at masoncreation@msn.com




Monogrammed Bunny Bags

Cuddle Twins Pillows

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Cuddle Twins Pillows Final


Kinda cute and Kinda goofy, these pillow stuffies are for the child with an edge. A personality that says I like my cuddle twin and they’re going with me wherever my journey might take me today. My daughter, loved Miss Piggy®  from the popular show  The Muppets® and insisted on wrapping her up like a baby doll and carrying her around for months as she was growing up. People would stop us and ask to see her baby – well let me say they were quite taken aback when Miss Piggy®  was revealed. What can I say she was a child who knew what she liked. I think she would have liked a Cuddle Twin.

Ok – what are these adorable little guys all about. Well the folks over at Shannon Fabrics got together with the great people at Fairfield and challenged us, the Master Makers of Fairfield to come up with something using their cuddle cakes. Cuddle cakes are pre-cut 10 inch squares of their warm and wonderful cuddle fabrics. Want to know how I made these cute little people?  Here you go, step by step diagrams and instructions. If you would like a full size pattern for the arms and legs, leave me a comment and I will send you a pdf.

Cuddle Twins by Lorine Mason


cuddle cakes 10″ pre-cuts by Shannon Fabrics, Poly-fil® 100% premium polyester fibrefill, oly-fun™ Snow White, Buttons, Ribbon, Embroidery thread, Rick Rack and Basic sewing, cutting and ironing supplies.

How to:

Cuddle Pillow Twins

A.  Gather your supplies. Choose a color from your cuddle cakes for the front and back of the pillow.


B.  Cut two 2 1/2 inch circles from oly-fun™. Sew oly-fun™ and buttons in position on the square of cuddle fabric that will become the front of your pillow. Sew a button for the nose and stitch rick rack for the mouth. Add large stitched X’s at the corners of the mouth. Refer to the project photo for placement guidance.


C.  Using the pattern provided by me if you send me a comment or cut your own version of legs . Depending on whether you are making the female version of the pillow or the male the legs/shoes vary. Once again refer to the project photo for guidance. With wrong sides together stitch the legs to the shoes and then stitch the leg fronts to a leg backs. Turn right side out and press carefully using a pressing cloth.


D.  Repeat to create the arms for your pillow.


E.  Pin the arms and legs to the pillow front, right sides together.


F.  Cover with the pillow back, right sides together and stitch leaving an opening between the two legs.


G.  Turn right side out, stuff with fibrefill and hand stitch the opening closed.


H.  Cut a 5 inch by 4 inch rectangle for the hair bow. With right sides together, fold the rectangle in half to measure 2.5 x 4 inches. Stitch along the 4 inch length, leaving an opening of  2″ at the center. Center the seam line and stitch across each end. Turn right side out and press carefully. Using a needle and thread, stitch across the center of the bow, using large stitches. Pull the thread taught and wrap in around the center of the bow. Cut a 1″ x 2″ rectangle of cuddle fabric. Fold into three lengthwise and wrap it around the center of the bow. Stitch the ends closed at the back of the bow.


I.  Stitch the bow to the top left of the pillow front.


As I mentioned previously, if you leave a comment and ask me for the pattern, I would be happy to send you a pdf containing the full size patterns. Have fun…. One last thing, I am a Master Maker for Fairfield and they were generous enough to supply the oly-fun™ and poly-fil for this project. Shannon Fabrics provided the cuddle cakes (C3 Very Vibrant). 

Ok – one really last thing.  There are some great prizes in conjunction with this project challenge.  Here is the information , be sure to enter for your chance to win some great prizes from Fairfield and Shannon Fabrics.


Cuddle Twin Final Cuddle Twins1Final

There’s a new cord in town! Hebe cord by Sullivan’s USA

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Floral Hairband

Floral Hairband


One Skein Hebe Cord*, Hairband, 3.5 mm Crochet Hook, Spool Knitting Tool, Large Eye Needle, Fabric Glue, Three Buttons, Scissors, Measuring Tape or Ruler

*Hebe cord is available from Sullivans, USA

How to:

1. Following the instructions given with the Spool Knitting Tool; knit a length long enough to cover the hairband.

2. Insert one end of the hairband into the knitted tube. Wrap the cord at the ends of the knitted tube around the hairband ends and add a drop of glue to secure.

3. Crochet three floral motifs:

Create a slip knot and attach cord to your crochet hook. Chain seven. Bring the hook around and insert it through the first stitch. Make a slip stitch into that stitch to form a ring with the stitches. Chain four. Crochet three treble* stitches into the ring. Chain 4 and slip stitch through ring. This is one petal. Repeat to make an additional four petals. Cut cord end six inches long, insert end through the last stitch on the hook and remove motif from the hook. Insert each of the cord ends (beginning and ending cords) onto a large eyed needle and feed them through to the back of the floral motif. Use these ends to tie motifs onto hairband. Trim ends and add a drop of glue to secure.

4. Use the needle and additional cord to stitch the motifs (they should already be tied onto the hairband) and buttons onto the hairband, stitching through the knitted cover of the hairband. Add drops of glue to secure.

*Treble Stitch:  Wrap the cord around the hook twice, insert the hook into the ring and wrap the yarn over the hook, pull the hook back through the ring and wrap the yarn around the hook. Pull through two stitches, wrap the yarn around and pull through two stitches, repeat one last time leaving a single stitch on the hook. 

This project is part of the Designer Craft Blog Connection so please take the time to see what my fellow designers have come up with to show off this brand new line of cords.  The icon is along the side of my blog post. Simply click forward or backward to check out what they have created.  Leaving a message is always appreciated.



The Story behind Millie B Bibs

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I just finished uploading the last of the trio of Millie B Bibs to my Etsy and Craftsy (note: this link will not be working until 7/18/14) stores and I can honestly say I am proud of myself. I am not a techy person and while I know setting up one of these stores is certainly not brain surgery it seems that I can become lost in the details and give up, perhaps too easily. But I stuck with it and things are up and running. The patterns are available for immediate download on either site and contain full size patterns, step by step illustrated instructions and a fat quarter pattern layout guide.  They are available as a download direct from the Etsy and Craftsy sites or very soon will be available to order in the printed version through the Annies and Home Sew catalogues. Here is the first pattern; Night at the Ballet – I love this one especially because it is a little over the top while still remaining practical.

Night at the Ballet Front Cover without text Low Rez

MIllie B Bibs – Night at the Ballet

The name Millie B comes from my dear Mother. It is kind of funny as my Mother hated it if anyone tried to call her Millie, but as she gracefully aged my Brother Bob took it upon himself to lovingly refer to her as Millie B whenever they were together. It caught on and soon a number of us siblings were referring to Mom as Millie B. She would make a face and say that it was a good thing she loved us, so we could get away with it but hoped it would not catch on. My Mother, Mildred Bell passed away a couple of years ago now and she is missed. She loved her six children and she loved her husband, Henry A.

Here we have the second pattern in the series; Sunday Dinner. Sunday Dinners were important. All generations of the same family sitting around the same table. Life goes by quickly and sharing familiar stories is important.

Sunday Dinner Front Cover without Text Low Rez

Millie B Bibs – Sunday Dinner

I would love to say that my children wore wonderful creations such as these styles of bibs, but the truth is that they did not. I was too practical and caught up in the raising of our family, the day to day details, the bills etc. , which always came first. I will say that I have made a number of these cute bibs and given them as gifts and if  there are to be Grandchildren in my future you can bet they too will be sporting only the best. The last bib in the set is; Five O’Clock Somewhere. This set was all about Summer and Vacations, Flirty skirts and Hawaiian themed shirts.

Five O'Clock Front Cover without Text Low Rez

Five O’Clock Somewhere

Millie B Bibs is the start of a new venture for It’s Sew Lorine. Stay tuned for my upcoming release of  It’s Sew Lorine downloadable patterns, all priced from $.99 to $1.99. Until then enjoy life and enjoy sewing.

A new book on the horizon

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Coming Soon!

I just received a sneak peek at my latest book. I needed to go over the copy to make any last minute changes and approve the cover. Luckily there were only a few little tweaks and off it goes to the printer. I am hoping to have some advance copies at CHA in Anaheim to show off these fun craft foam designs.

What in the world was I thinking and how did this book come about – well it all started when I dropped into a Kate Spade outlet store awhile back to see what all the fuss was about and why in the world someone would pay that many $$$ for one of her purses. Ok, I have to admit they are very nice purses and extremely well made.  How one goes from admiring high end fashion purses to craft foam is well, just another day in the life of a creative person. It just happens.