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Banners of Hope – Made up by Volunteers

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Volunteer BadgesAny great project is comprised of multiple levels of commitment. The idea is just the beginning, it is then the process that becomes interesting. The people who come on board as they see the vision, they are willing to do the work and believe. I am blessed to say that while the Banners of Hope project has been an enormous undertaking the work load has been divided up amongst some wonderful volunteers. It is those volunteers that will truly make this project work. The entire Fabric Arts Council of CHA, the CHA Designer members and people who fall into multiple categories like my good friend Eileen Hull who created the pieces that I will simply put together to make our official Banners of Hope Volunteer pins. I am hoping that this volunteer pin will fast become ‘the’ pin to collect at CHA in Anaheim 2014.


Urban Doodles and Banners Of Hope

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Urban Doodles Banner Sample

My latest Banner of Hope banner sample.

The Banners of Hope project I am working on for the upcoming Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) trade show in Anaheim January 2014 has taken on a life of it’s own. I believe I mentioned joining the Fabric Arts Council of  CHA this past July. Well that first meeting set me on a journey that will take me well into 2014. At that meeting we discussed  the possibility of sponsoring an event that would provide excitement, education and marketing potential for the fabric arts and our fellow CHA members.  We knew we needed to be inclusive as fabric art is one medium mixed into the melting pot of all things crafty. Getting started was easy….we decided we would feature fabric as the base for crafting projects.  The project/event was the next item on the agenda. What would or could we do with only months to plan and execute such as event?

I had a meeting with Elena Etcheverry from Charity Wings at CHA Summer 2013 as I had wanted to do something with her at the brand new Charity Wings Art Center in San Diego. I believe it is a worthwhile enterprise and hoped to teach a class or help at an event while I was in California for CHA 2014. It was at that meeting that we first discussed working together with the Fabric Arts Council. I left the trade show and we reconnected a few weeks later. It was Elena that first brought up the concept of Tibetan Prayer Flags and that was all it took. After doing some research, writing up a proposal, attending numerous council meetings and making multiple changes to the original proposal we had Banners of Hope.

I have never been involved in something so big. It is honestly overwhelming at times as I feel such a huge responsibility to make this work. Luckily I have some wonderful people working  right alongside me and it will in the end come together and the good thing is every change that has happened thus far has made the project bigger and even better.

Stay tuned as I am sure there will be more to talk about as my Banners of Hope journey continues.

Banners of Hope Logo

Banners Of Hope – Hemming Your Banner

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Banners of Hope by Lorine Mason A Home for Everyone

My latest Banners of Hope creation. In this banner I wanted to convey my hope for everyone to have a place to come home to…. Soldiers returning from war, Families being able to stay together, Children having a safe place to lie their heads at night, Fathers and Mothers coming home after a hard days work knowing who is behind those doors, Pets living with a family. Something we all want and need in our lives.

I thought I would take a couple of minutes to illustrate a simple way to hem a banner. I hope this helps.

photo8Gather your supplies. I used Steam-A-Seam 1/2 inch wide fusible web tape in this case. You will also need scissors, a rotary cutter, ruler and mat and an iron.


Cut your banner fabric 15 1/2 inches long by 9 inches wide.

Press fusible web tape along the side edges of the banner, butting the tape along the raw edges. If the fabric has a definite right and wrong side, press the tape to the wrong side. 


Without removing the paper from the back of the tape, fold over and press. Open the hem, remove the paper backing, refold back into place and press well. This will fuse the hem in place. Repeat for the opposite side.

photo5Press fusible tape along one of the shorter edges. Repeat as above to fuse the hem at what is now the bottom of your banner. Optional: Topstitch along the sides and bottom edges of your banner, stitching 3/8 of an inch away from the folded edges.

photo5Press fusible tape along the top edge of the banner, pressing it to right side of the fabric.  Without removing the paper from the back of the tape, fold over and press.

photo6Measuring down from the top of the newly folded edge, place pins at the 2 1/2 inch point along either side. Fold the banner top to the back using the pins as a guide and press. Open the hem, remove the paper backing from the fusible web tape, refold and press well. This will fuse the rod pocket in place.  Optional: Topstitch across the rod pocket stitching 2 3/8 inches down form the top edge of the banner. photo7

The back of your banner will look similar to this. Now the fun really starts as you can turn it over and decorate.  Note: Depending on your design style; fusing and/or stitching the rod pocket and hems can be the done after your design is complete. The choice is yours. The finished size will be 8 inches by 12 inches. Perfect!

The Banners of Hope Project

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Banners of Hope Logo


This is the official logo of the Banners of Hope project I am working on with the Fabric Arts Council of  CHA or  Craft and Hobby Association.   It has been a lot of work and I am hoping with all my heart it turns out wonderfully as I have never worked on something with the potential this project has from the ground floor up. How did it get started? I am on the Fabric Arts Council’s board and we were looking for an event that would put us on the map at the upcoming CHA show in Anaheim. At the same time I was talking with Elena from Charity Wings as I have wanted to work with her organization on a class or event of some sort. Elena and I were talking one day and tossing around ideas. With research, numerous council meetings, planning, writing etc it started to come together. I will need to be a little coy here as the official announcement is being released October 21st so stay tuned. Just to tweak your interest, here is photo of a banner I made up as an example.