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Mollie Makes Banners of Hope contest

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Mollie Makes coverCalling all crafters. Mollie Makes ran a wonderful article in their inaugural issue featuring the Banners of Hope event held at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show in Anaheim this past January. They are currently hosting a contest asking for submissions of banners to be donated to Charity Wings for display in hospitals, shelters and other public locations offering inspirations and hope to all that see the display.  Their prize package is absolutely awesome so I encourage you to enter the contest.  For more information here is the link:

Participants in Mollie Makes’ Banners of Hope Creation Contest are eligible to win a Brother ScanNCut CM550DX and a $500 Michael’s gift. Contest details are here: http://www.molliemakesusa.com/banners-of-hope-creation-contest/.


Peace – Banners of Hope

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Banner of Hope Peace

Peace is about more than a discussion around a boardroom table. The majority of the world’s population wants it. Why is it not so?

My latest Banner of Hop is about Peace. A simple statement but not so simple to achieve. We can hope and that is what Banners of Hope is all about. For this banner project I pulled our my trusty Brother ScanNCut and went to work. ScanNCut

I chose built in design elements on the machine and adjusted their size to fit my 8″ x 12 finished banner. I fused HeatnBond® Ultrahold to the back of my fabric choices and loaded them into the machine. Following the step by step instructions on the machine I quickly cut out my design elements.

Banner Of Hope2I fused my designs to the front of the banner canvas, added some decorative stitching and beads and voila I was done. I love this Banner of Hope and hope you do as well. For a step by step guide on creating your banner backing as well as information about Banners of Hope check out the Craft and Hobby Association Website


Banners of Hope featured in Craft Industry Today Magazine

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CIT article


Hot off the presses at Craft Industry Today is an article featuring the Banners of Hope project and yours truly. The editors over at the trade magazine did a great job editing my original (no doubt too long) submission and I am over the top excited. You cannot purchase Craft Industry Today off store racks as it is trade magazine that comes along with my membership to the Craft and Hobby Association I decided just in case you are interested and have jumped on the Banners of Hope band wagon to step out the banner featured in the article. Here goes.

CIT Step 1Collect your supplies: 9 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ piece of white canvas, variegated thread, fabric to cover buttons, cutting tools, sewing machine and an iron and of course supplies from Dritz :

Iron-On Letters, Anorak snaps, Fusible bonding web, and Half Ball Cover Buttons.

CIT Step 2

Step 1

 Turn under ¾” along edges of banner, insert fusible web tape and press well.  Turn under top edge 2” and press, forming a rod pocket. The finished size of the banner will be 8″ x 12″. Follow manufacturer’s directions to attach five snaps, centering them along the front of the banner. See photo for placement.

CIT Step 3

Step 2

Iron letters to fabric. Cover buttons, centering the letters and following the manufacturer’s directions.

CIT Step 4

Step 3

Create visual interest on the banners surface using variegated thread and decorative stitches on your sewing machine.

Banner of Hope CIT Article by Lorine Mason

Step 4

Attach buttons and add additional snaps.

For additional inspirtion check out my Pinterest Page Banners of Hope  For more information about Banners of Hope check out www.craftandhobby.org/boh




Banners of Hope goes on the road!

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My good friend, Debra Quartermain and I have know each other for some time now. We actually met on the elevator at a Society of Craft Designer convention. We were both newbies to the convention and it was truly friends at first sight. Debra is someone you will definitely remember once you have met her as she is such a sweet soul. A very talented lady with a big heart. She was one of the first designers to jump on the Banners of Hope train and her banner was one of my favourites. I asked Debra to tell me about her Banner of Hope recently and here is her story….

Living where it is winter for a third of the year I was inspired to incorporate snowflakes into my Banner. Each snowflake is unique just as each person is. Sometimes we forget that and I wanted everyone who saw my banner to remember each person is unique, each person is special. When we remember that, believe it brings hope.
The cozy felt contrasts with the theme of the Banner and the bear was meant to bring a smile especially for children who would be seeing the Banner. Just as snowflakes melt this Banner was meant to bring hope to a discouraged  heart.
Banners of Hope is headed to Canada and I am so proud. It is like watching your children step onto the school bus for the first time. I just wish I could be there to take photos just as I did when the girls went off to school.  Debra completed another wonderful banner to send along on the journey across Canada. To hear the story behind this banner check out her blog

Banner of Hope by Debra Quartermain

Quilt for Mackenzie Christine

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Jelly rollOh what to do with a partial jelly roll of colorful fabrics. My nephew Graham and his girlfriend just had a brand new baby, Mackenzie Christine and I will make a quilt. Graham is extra special to me as he and his sister lived next door to my family. My brother and his wife purchased the house next to ours not long after we moved to a small town in Manitoba. It was a perfect fit as our children spent five years of their lives growing up together before we were transferred out of the area. It was wonderful adventure living next door and everyone found it to be a hard move.

On to the jelly roll( groupings of 2 1/2″ strips of fabric).  My good friend, Eileen Hull met up with Amanda Herring,the fabrics designer at Quilt Market show in Houston and Amanda sent Eileen home with some fabric to see what she would come up with using her cutting dies and a Sizzix machine. Previously, I was introduced to Amanda through the Fabric Arts Council while I was working on the Banners of Hope project for CHA. While working the booth at Banners of Hope, Amanda sent me home with some cake squares (10″ inch squares of fabric) of the same fabric it turn out. Eileen and I were talking one day and realized we had the same fabric line. I suggested we trade as the strips did not really work with the dies she creates and I thought I could make good use of them.

So I started to sew strips of fabric together which quite quickly got boring so I decided to start slashing them apart and I seemed to like that better. Now you probably think I had an idea in mind as I did this – I hate to break this to you but I had no idea what I was going to do other than sew the strips together to make a quilt top. Quilt TopOnce the top was completed I decided to embroider Mackenzie’s name on the left and Sew Baby Girl on the right side. I used red thread and did a simple back-stitch. Now I was ready to add the backing. Since I still had five cake squares of fabric remaining I used them on the back along with some white cotton.  Next is to connect my walking foot onto my sewing machine and get busy quilting.

Quilt featuring Amanda Herring fabric

 I am happy to say that the quilt is finished and ready to ship to the new parents. I hope they like it.  Thank you Amanda Herring for designing such cute fabric.

St Patty’s Day Banner of Hope

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St Pattys Day Banner of Hope Cropped on Brick Wall JPGSt Patty’s Day Banner of Hope by Lorine Mason

A Wish for good health, good luck and happiness created using Craft Attitude™.


Craft Attitude™ Ink Jet Printable Film

Steam-A- Seam2 fusible web sheets and 1/2″ tape

White cotton fabric – 9″ x 12″

Natural cotton canvas – 9″ x 15″

Rick rack and buttons

Basic sewing supplies

How To:


Create your printable image, using graphics* from internet sites, photographs, or by creating your own, using design programs on your computer or by hand drawing a design. Follow the wonderful instructions provided by the folks over at Craft Attitude™ to first print your design, then fuse it to the center of the white fabric. Press fusible web to the back of the white fabric.


Trim the image to measure 6″ x 9″. Set aside.

photo5To create the banner backing. Press fusible web tape to the wrong side of the canvas fabric along each of the 15″ sides. Remove the paper backing from the tape, turnover edges and press. Repeat the process, pressing tape to the top and bottom edges of the banner fabric. Remove the paper backing from the bottom edge only. Press the bottom hem in place. photo7

Turn over the top edge of the banner backing 2 1/2″ and press without removing the paper backing from the tape. This will create the rod pocket of the banner to be fuse in place later.


Remove paper backing from the fusible web on the back of the white fabric.printed image . Center the printed panel on top of banner backing. Cover the printed image with a pressing cloth and press. Sew rick rack around the edge of the center design.  Sew buttons to the banner front, using the photograph as a guide for placement. Remove paper backing from fusible tape and press rod pocket hem in place.  You are ready to hang your banner. Simple slip a ribbon or dowel rod through the rod pocket.

Did you know that Craft Attitude™ is also referred to as Shoe Attitude™, Jewelry Attitude™, Decor Attitude™, Wood Attitude™ and Quilt Attitude™ and they all work with fabric.

I would like to thank The Graphics Fairy for use of  the *Lady in Green graphic which is a vintage print downloaded from her site the Graphics Fairy  www.thegraphicfairy.com

Hey – Be sure to check out all of the other wonderful Craft Attitude™ Designs . Click on the Link – Up and you are on your way to see some designs.

An InLinkz Link-up

The St Patty’s Day Banner of Hope will be joining a travelling exhibit of banners headed to hospitals, veteran’s homes and shelters. For more information about Banners of Hope and how you to0, can become involved check out:  www.craftandhobby.org/BOH  #BannersofhopeCHA  #Cre8time

banner of hope logo 1-01 low res

The stories behind the Banners of Hope

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Believe by Nancy Keslin

Continuing my journey to find the stories behind the Banners of Hope submissions, I recently contacted Nancy Keslin who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time at the Craft and Hobby show in Anaheim this past January asking her tell me the story behind her banner. Her banner submission was one of my favorites as it was so pretty. Nancy’s banner will be featured in the inaugural issue of Mollie Makes US due to hit stores at the end of April.  Before we get to her story I would like to gush just a bit more. Nancy not only submitted a beautiful banner but was one of the first volunteers to sign up to help set up the Banners of Hope booth. She went above and beyond her assigned time slot and stopped by asking if I needed additional help throughout the show. I love that about her. Okay enough about that, here is Nancy’s story:

Having quite a few friends and friends of friends recently diagnosed with breast cancer,family members who have fought this disease, not to mention my own scare a few years ago I am a huge supporter of breast cancer research and recovery and wanted to make something for those who battle this beast. Believe that you can battle and win.  Cancer is such an ugly disease, so I really wanted something pretty, something you could look at to remember the beauty in life.  Handmade flowers, bits of lace, embroidery stitches all came together with the classic pink of breast cancer research.

You can contact Nancy at homesclscrapper.blogspot.com.  Or on my facebook, https://www.facebook.com/homesclscrapper

Thank You Nancy!

Lorine Mason


How can you create a Banners of Hope event?

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I recently wrote a Sewing Savvy newsletter discussing the who, what, where and why you might want to get involved and consider hosting your very own Banners of Hope event. Here is the link to the newsletter: Sewing Savvy Banners of Hope 

There are active links to access downloadable documents such as signage, media posts, to do check  lists and much more.

While you are thinking about it, I thought I would feature a couple of lovely banners some of my designing friends submitted to the Craft and Hobby Banners of Hope event held in Anaheim this past January.


Banner of Hope by Keri Sallee

I asked Keri to tell me a little about the process of creating this banner and this is her story:

For me, this piece is very personal. I am one of those people who leans toward being a worrier. Some people would say that with my history I almost have the “right” to worry, but constantly worrying about what “might” happen is so draining. I wanted to create a piece that people could look at and have it speak to them…to tell them that it is OK to just take a minute, clear your mind and BREATHE. To let go for just a bit and take a moment to remind yourself that it will not always be this way and to have peace in the middle of the storm. I think that is why the colors are blues and greens, which make people feel calm, but with hints of darker browns and greens. It’s almost symbolic of the whole idea of the banner…to have peace and be calm even when the storm is circling around you.

The process was actually kind of funny. I was sitting there…staring at my blank banner and I had an idea and saying in mind (completely different from this…very 3-D), but I couldn’t find a starting point. So decided just to grab my favorite Tattered Angels and just lay them out and not think too much. Then…I stared at a colorful background and still didn’t know where to start (LOL.) My husband came in and looked at my “abstract” background and says “that kind of looks like a face.” I was like “WHAT?” And he pointed out a few key places that indeed could have been facial features. So…I went with it. I was nervous because I had never painted a face EVER, but once I started I knew this is exactly what my banner was suppose to be.

 The banner is made on the canvas that was provided and was painted with white and black acrylic paints and Tattered Angels Glams, Mists and Glazes.

Keri’s blog address is: www.thecreativelifear.blogspot.com


Next we have a fun Banner of Hope created by Ana Araujo from When Creativity Knocks.


Banner of Hope by Ana Araujo

I had a lot of gloves left from when I was working on my book: Felt From The Heart and decided that they might fit in perfectly. I had seen pictures of when people hold their hands up to make a heart, so, I thought “I wonder if I could do that with a glove on the banner”. Hope From The Heart can have so many meaning for different people; heath, love, family, etc.

Well Ana, I love with your concept,your Banner and your excellent use of art studio extras.  You will find Ana’s blog at:  www.GiveMeGlitter.com

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned as I am asking other Banner Makers to tell me their story.


By the way Charity Wings is busy arranging the travelling display of Banners of Hope and I will be posting photos and more details as these wonderful fabric creations of Hope start their journey.


Banners of Hope debuts at the Craft and Hobby Association Tradeshow

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The Banners of Hope Booth at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show, Anaheim, California January 2014

Banners of Hope booth - Beth2

I have been showcasing my work  with the Fabric Arts Council of CHA and the Banners of Hope project over the past few months here on my blog. It has been a wonderful journey that involved meeting and working with great people. The booth opened to great reviews and attracted attention from numerous magazines, fabric manufacturers, artists, bloggers and news outlets including the Today Show. Here is the  link to the spot the Today show filmed at CHA. You will notice Amanda Herring from The Quilted Fish in numerous spots in the film clip. She designed a banner and walked the Today Show news reporter through the process of creating the banner.  http://www.today.com/video/today/54176189/#54176189


Getting ready for the big interview. Lights, Camera, Action!

Thank You Dear SponsorsHere I am in the middle of a Banners of Hope sandwich with Amanda Herring and Paula Jones.  Thank you sponsors this would not have been possible without your generous donation of $$ and products. We had over a 100 banners created at the show.

Charity Wings Interview at CHAYes, that is Elena Etcheverry interviewing me about Banners of Hope. Elena and her wonderful volunteers helped out at the booth every day of the show and made this work. I am a little scared to think what would have happened if we had not had their constant support during the show. Charity Wings will be coordinating the Banners of Hope travelling exhibit after the banners are showcased at the Charity Wings Art Center for the next few weeks. I cannot wait to hear where they will go.

At the Charity Wings Art Center

Paula Jones, Stephanie Garrison, myself and Andrew Williamson at the Charity Wings Art Center

Did I mention that Paula Jones, Andrew Williamson and I dropped by the Charity Wings Art Center at the close of CHA to help out at the Charity Wings Hopeathon event. I want to give a special shout out to Stephanie Garrison as she helped out so much at the show as well as the Hopeathon. Stephanie is a freelance reporter and photographer. I feel like I have made a new friend for life.  

banner of hope logo 1-01 low resStay tuned as the Banners of Hope is just getting started. For additional information on how you might host an event such as this go to: http://www.craftandhobby.org/BOH 

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Urban Doodles Banner Sample

Banner of Hope by Lorine Mason

It is almost time to pack my suitcase and head to Anaheim, California for the Craft and Hobby trade show where Banners of Hope will be debuted. It has been an absolute ton of  work but there is something so satisfying in seeing your hard work come together in an event such as this one. As I have written previously, it is through the Fabric Arts Council that the Banners of Hope came to be. A simple mission statement ‘to advance the fabric arts within the crafting community.’ That is how it all began.  One of the banners I created for the project features my Urban Doodles art style and simple word HOPE. Read into it what you will. In my mind it is simply a word that might provoke a conversation about what Hope means to each of us.

Here are just a few of the wonderful banners that have been received and will hang in the Banners of Hope booth in Anaheim this week.

Stevii Graves

A Banner entitled Heal My Country by Stevii Graves

Jen Goode

Hope comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes by Jen Goode


Once you choose HOPE anything’s possible a quote from Christopher Reeve. Design by Candice Windham