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Smoothfoam™ Holiday Ball

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Bowl Full of Jelly


One 3 inch diameter Smoothfoam­™ Ball, Red Acrylic craft paint, Paintbrush,Twelve inches of 1 inch wide Black Nylon Webbing, One White Buckle, Three 1/4 inch black buttons, Glue gun, Hot Air gun or blow dryer.

How To:

1.  Paint the ball using the paintbrush and acrylic paint. It will take more than one coat, be sure to let paint dry between coats. HINT:  Insert a needle into the top of the ball and insert a piece of thread through the eye of the needle. Hang the ornament to dry between coats of paint.

2.  To achieve the stippled look. Heat the surface of the ball using a hot air gun. Do this very carefully, starting at least six inches away from the ball and moving closer as you watch the ‘cells’ puff up from the heat. If the cells puff up and reveal the white surface of the ball, simply apply another coat of paint. (See closeup photo below instructions)

3. Slide the buckle onto the webbing and turn under the end of the webbing and glue.

4. Attach the belt to the ornament with glue gun.

5. Attach buttons to the front of the ornament, centering them above and below the belt.

6. Insert a hanger into the top of the ornament.  Note: This particular brand of hanger was spiraled on both ends with a bead. In this case, I opened up one end of the spiral and inserted it into the ball, removed it,  inserted glue into the hole and then reinserted the hanger.  Add a ribbon hanging loop if desired.



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