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The stories behind the Banners of Hope

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Believe by Nancy Keslin

Continuing my journey to find the stories behind the Banners of Hope submissions, I recently contacted Nancy Keslin who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time at the Craft and Hobby show in Anaheim this past January asking her tell me the story behind her banner. Her banner submission was one of my favorites as it was so pretty. Nancy’s banner will be featured in the inaugural issue of Mollie Makes US due to hit stores at the end of April.  Before we get to her story I would like to gush just a bit more. Nancy not only submitted a beautiful banner but was one of the first volunteers to sign up to help set up the Banners of Hope booth. She went above and beyond her assigned time slot and stopped by asking if I needed additional help throughout the show. I love that about her. Okay enough about that, here is Nancy’s story:

Having quite a few friends and friends of friends recently diagnosed with breast cancer,family members who have fought this disease, not to mention my own scare a few years ago I am a huge supporter of breast cancer research and recovery and wanted to make something for those who battle this beast. Believe that you can battle and win.  Cancer is such an ugly disease, so I really wanted something pretty, something you could look at to remember the beauty in life.  Handmade flowers, bits of lace, embroidery stitches all came together with the classic pink of breast cancer research.

You can contact Nancy at homesclscrapper.blogspot.com.  Or on my facebook, https://www.facebook.com/homesclscrapper

Thank You Nancy!

Lorine Mason



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